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Full Written episode of Diya aur baati hum 22nd Dec 2015

Full Written episode of Diya aur baati hum 22nd Dec 2015: 

Lalima. Meenakshi requests Vikram to do something. Babasa isn’t eating food and he must take medications also. Lalima believes do not understand they were caught by whose terrible sight. Golu and Ved playu, and water glass falls. Did she not scold Golu Ved requests Meenakshi. He inquires everyone and Babasa are they unhappy. Emily says there’s nothing like that. Golu says there’s something, you prevented us from playing outside and watching television. Emily gives reasons. Ved requests whats the issue, Meenakshi got cable. Meenakshi says what’ll I tell the children and sends the children, I m not able to lie. Lalima believes she can not see Bhabho in this pain and weeps.

Everyone, its morning. Meenakshi stresses for the well-being of Bhabho. Some witnesses are presented by the prosecution attorney. The attorney says the departure of Mohit was around that time. About Sooraj coming to get puncture fixed is told by the other witness and he told me to rush as his mom is waiting in field. The attorney says we understand Bhabho requests her does she have anything to say and has done this homicide.

Bhabho remains quiet. She look here, and says mom is first teacher, she’s killed her son instead making him right. Sandhya presumes to do something to get truth come out. Judge says the selection will be announced at 2pm. Sandhya takes her Bhabho and chats.

The attorney says this case is clear, Santosh Rathi presented a poor face of mom for the society. Bhabho remembers Sandhya and neighbors’ words. Bhabho weeps. The judge requests Bhabho does she need to say anything. Bhabho’s head is occupied by the words of Sandhya. The judge requests again. Bhabho begins saying. The scooter halted on the way. He asks her to wait, he’ll simply go and see any machinist. Lalima is followed by Bhabho. Lalima goes to meet with Mohit in the fields. She questions what’s he doing here, where’s Pramod. Her neck is caught by Mohit. She asks him to leave her, did he go crazy, what’s he doing. Bhabho sees Lalima being forced by him.

Bhabho says by which my spirit shaken up, afterward I’ve seen something. Mohit shoves on Lalima on the nicely and she gets injured. Bhabho runs to her and calls out Mohit. Unconscious Lalima is dragged by Mohit. Bhabho requests and calls him out did he go crazy, stop. Mohit stops and says do not do this, quit. Bhabho is pushed by Mohit and she alls. Mohit is called out by Sooraj. FB endings. Everyone and Emily shout in shock.

Sooraj tells judge that Bhabho needed to say truth to police but I stopped her. The attorney says court will determine who’s the perpetrator.

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