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Full Written Episode of Mere Angne Mein 28th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Mere Angne Mein 28th November 2015:

The Episode begins with Rani and Sarla becoming happy having Amit with them. Pari sees Vyom beside him and wakes up. She believes she adores Vyom and wed Sujeev.

Vyom is woken up by her. He wears his top and gets tensed as he is called by Sharmili. Vyom conceals Pari. Shanti requests Shivam to get prepared, she kept puja. Shanti behaves ill-mannered to Kaushalya. Did he lock Sharmili requests Vyom. Vyom says he isn’t so he slept till he didn’t hear her.

Sharmili requests him come and to take bath. She picks clothing for Vyom and gets inside room.

Pari ceases seeing servant and was going out. Sharmili questions what’s she doing here and sees Pari. Rani and Sarla argue above their love for Amit. Sarla gets happy and gets a call. Amit says I will not come, we will be insulted by them again, they are known by me.

Mama requests Sharmili to see Pari joyful. Sharmili requests Pari what’s the issue. Pari says she’s quite pleased to remain with them. Mama requests her son Vyom to be controlled by Sharmili. Sujeev leaves and refuses.

Sharmili requests Pari to visit her Maayka. Pari says she will not go, as that standard is less, so she will not go and Sharmili has dissed also. Sharmili requests her work and to go. She is requested by him. She says good, I’ll do something.

Nimmi requests Kaushalya whether Sarla will be forgiven by Shanti. Nimmi is happy and embraces her. He retains it in drawer and removes the wind chime. Riya is unhappy that she is not being understood by Shivam and weeps.

Her kids and Sarla come to Shanti Sadan. Shanti is depressed seeing Sarla. Sarla says I will even come. Her quits and taunts. Sarla leaves. Vyom remembers of him and the love story of Pari and is not able to work. He gets upset and is stressed.

Pari believes now Sujeev is not going to want to understand my fan, I’ll cool down the wrath now of Sujeev. Sujeev says I didn’t understand this would occur and goes to Vyom. Vyom says I really like you a lot and apologizes to him, I did mistake, forgive me. Vyom gets embraces and still Sujeev.

Pari believes Sujeev came here to Vyom and sees them. Sujeev leaves and requests him to relax. Pari says brothers met She goes.

Amit meets with Shanti. Shanti says she requests Amit to be great consistently, and constantly have Amit’s cases to others. Amit says I ‘ll be cautious. Amit goes out to Sarla and feels dissed. He hits on the wall in fury. Nimmi and Preeti talk about her teases. Pari places ice cube in his top and goes to Vyom. Pari laughs. Pari is scolded by Vyom. She says I believed Sujeev because of me quit. She says she reveals her hands turned crimson and has worked hard only for him. Pari blackmails him and weeps.

Shanti whines about Riya to Raghav. He says every issue has an option, this may additionally have a remedy. She says she’s a remedy, Sarla will be forgiven by her, and you also kick out Riya from house. Ruya loses the water glass and hears this. Nimmi says Preeti was told by her before about the game plan of Dadi. She’s done great thing, her choice will keep esteem and peace, I shall not call Sarla back.

It’s not bad for everybody, you go for your occupation now. Raghav says Sarla has many issues, canteen is close, the work of Amit isn’t correct, how will she manage. Shanti says Amit will manage, if Sarla’s fortune has to make her die, he’s really not that awful, then she’ll perish.