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Full Written Episode of Tashan-e-Ishq 28th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Tashan-e-Ishq 28th November 2015:

Scene 1

Anita and babee are prepared to welcome Kunj and Twinkle as they are coming back from honeymoon. Leela and Raman comes there also, Leela is tensed, Babee says Leela must be missing her daughter, she is coming in sometime, dont stress, Anita gets call from company associate JP and says I ‘ll e-mail you documents, Leela gets tensed listening JP’s name.
Twinkle and Kunj comes back to house, all welcome them, they’re shocked to see asthiya Kalash in Kunj’s hands, Kunj is going to reply but Yuvi comes in and says Aunty.. all look at him tensed,
Kunj tells them everything what occurred in goa, how Yuvi came in their own boat and attacked them, how Kunj fought with him and Yuvi fell in sea, Kunj tried to save him but Yuvi got hit by stone and he lost his memory, this is my fault, I shouldnt have thrown him in sea and he wouldnt have been in this state, forgive me, Anita slaps him and says you’re responsible for his scenario, you’ve done this intentionally, Twinkle says Kunj didnt do anything wrong, an accident, Usha says I know Kunj, he cant harm anyone, it was an injury, Anita says you wont understand my pain, your son is fine and my son is behaving like 5year old kid, Surjeet comes there and says Anita dont worry, this Kunj wont stay fine for much time, he points firearm at Kunj and says Kunj made my wife cry, I wont leave him, Twinkle says to Surjeet that Kunj didnt do anything, it was an injury, Anita says dont listen to anybody, kill him, Surjeet points gun at Kunj, Yuvi takes gun from him and says no one should touch my buddy Kunj, I’ll kill everyone, nobody should hurt him, Kunj request Yuvi to give firearm to him, he says I am good, I ‘m your buddy, give me firearm, Yuvi gives him gun.
Kunj and Twinkle are in room, Kunj says Yuvi is in this state because of me, I shouldnt have pushed him in sea, I am guilty, Anita must be in malady, Twinkle says you didnt do anything wrong, what you did was in self defense else Yuvi would have killed us, Kunj says I ‘m responsible for his state, he cries, Twinkle cries with him and says Yuvi is accountable for his condition, she puts her hand on his shoulder to console him, Sajna ve plays, both look at each other and get conscious, Kunj leaves, Twinkle says that Kunj have made a decision to take care of Yuvi till he doesnt get good, his judgement of bringing Yuvi in our lives cant affect our union, we’d determined that to keep up this marriage for our family and I wont let it fall apart, I’ll keep my marriage intact.

Scene 2
Twinkle is in kitchen and cooking food, she recalls how Yuvi misbehaved with her on boat, Yuvi comes there and acts like child, he says Twinki i want food, make food for me also, Twinkle ask him to not touch her and sit in corner, Yuvi gets match stick and plays with it, Twinkle thinks if Yuvi is acting or he’s actually in this state? Twinkle is shocked to see this Yuvi while match stick on gas cylinder throws, she takes match stick from him and ask if he is mad to play with match stick? Yuvi says I ‘ll complain to Kunj about you.
Babee says to Leela that I’m unhappy for Yuvi but what Yuvi was doing in Goa? Leela believes that I’m convinced Yuvi must have gone there to touch Twinkle and Kunj on honeymoon.
Yuvi is calling Kunj, he says to Babee that Twinkle scolded me, she’s not good, I’ll complain to my pal Kunj, where’s he? Babee says he will come in sometime, Twinkle is pleasant, she doesnt scold anyone, Yuvi comes to Raman and tickles him saying he is moto(fat) uncle, Babee makes Yuvi sit in corner and ask Twinkle to take Leela and Raman in drawing room, you have to want to talk to you mother, Leela says its not wanted, Babee says you have to want to speak to your daughter as you have met her after much time, Twinkle begins to leave with Leela but Yuvi hugs Twinkle and says I ‘ll go with her, I was miffed with her but now I am fine, he ask Twinkle if she upset with him? Babee says no she isnt, let her go, she takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle is strained.
PRECAP- Leela prays to Lord to help all problems to be solved by Twinkle. Usha says to Manohar that this Twinkle is indeed unlucky for us that we keep getting from the time she has come in this house after another in one problem. Yuvi playing with toys is found by twinkle, she says my heart says that he is faking all this and I’ll bring truth out shortly.