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Full Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2015

Full  Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2015:

The Episode begins with Naksh speaking to Tara. He says he’s not going for youth festival, as he’ll meet with her, which isn’t correct. She says good.

She asks him to phone Akshara Maa, it seems pleasant and mature. She says I ‘ll believe and say. She leaves grinning and gives him coffee. She provides java to Naitik and comes to her room.

She says she’s thought about what he told, she understood she forgot wife’s job and took the function of mumma seriously. She says I understood you said we do not have our time, I swear I ‘ll take some time for us out. They say I really like you to each other.

Naksh chats with Tara, its morning. Naira requests and chats to her friend is she. Her friend says she’s coming. Naira begins acting seeing Naitik. Maharaj requests them to come out as well as see.

They rush out. Dada ji says as he’s many land fields, he’s many tractors. He says if we enjoy anything we do not leave, Tara isn’t at home, so before sending it to fields, I presumed to make girl’s handmarks on the tractor. They request Mishti and Naira to do the rites. Naira believes her hands can get poor by the colour.

She says her class teacher will not let anything on hand. Will school teacher have trouble, fine go to school Dada ji inquires, I am going to make Mishti do rites. Naira leaves and thanks them. Mishti uses her handmarks on the brand new tractor and does the aarti. Everyone grin. Dada ji gives her cash requesting her to purchase chocolates. Akshara says its much cash. He says its less, I ‘ve enough cash.

Sangram requests Naksh did tractor is driven by him till now. Sangram says you can drive it and laughs. Dada ji says my tractor got fortunate that it will be driven by Naksh. Akshara says he doesn’t understand driving, he didn’t get good, do not tell him to drive. Dada ji says he’s to make begin some day, he can drive on the land of Tara also. He requests Naksh does he need to drive. Naksh grins and says yes. Akshara stresses. Naksh takes back, while Mishti was standing there and begins the tractor. Everyone and Akshara get stressed. He says girls stress lot if he will not get hurt, will Naksh become guy, shagun is over, we’ll leave. They leave.

Naksh says sorry, I m good, do not stress, I ‘ve to submit job. He goes. Akshara requests Naitik to see, they consistently do what they need. Naitik says they’re seniors, it will not seem great to quit Dada ji constantly. Her pals and Naira gets their pictures clicked. The guy asks them to shift for next round. The top clothing are shown by the guy and Naira gets shocked.

Devyaani requests Akshara to ask her about medications that are keeping, half knowledge is not good. Akshara says I didn’t understand. Tara says Devyaani is right and comes, I feel half knowledge isn’t right. She says sorry to talk between seniors and greets them, but I feel. Akshara inquires is she saying this, Devyaani will not want support, I agree with her, if anyone kept in interior cupboard, I kept medications in addition to cupboard that Mishti must not get it I do not understand. Devyaani says Akshara brought all great changes in our house.

Akshara requests Tara the reason behind saying that. Tara says yes, but the best way to say. Naira and her friends wear robes and those nighties and are stressed. The guy grin to get great pics and asks them to take out the robe. The guy gets telephone and a call falls, it gets on loudspeaker. They hear a girl asking him to not to set her pictures everywhere, she’s going to give cash to him. Naira says I do not believe this is appropriate. Naira says we will not get pictures shoves the guy and clicked. The girls run out, as well as them quit.

Akshara is not glad. He says I m not unhappy to be here, I submitted job punctually. She concurs. He says he’ll strive to be great and thanks him. He says Tara proposed this and phones her Maa. She says she felt good and grins.

Girls and Naira get inside a room and are stressed. The guy asks the door to open, else he’ll leave, they should be here locked. Naira prays. Tara and Naksh meet in cafe. He says its ok, my bond and mumma got my mother is unique, she’s the best Maa in world, she’s pleasant and really caring, I was always supported by her, she’s super woman. He gets the call of Naira and gets shocked. He asks her where’s she, is everything good.

Naitik says why did they not come, he made pizza for Naksh and Naira. Naksh brings Naira house. They get stressed seeing Naira weeping.