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Gadget Trends That Will Change Our Lives in 2020

Discover Buzz Gadget Trends That Will Revolutionize the Industry in 2020

Technology and new gadget trends have defined culture throughout the previous century. As we make our way into 2020, which new technological developments promise to change our world and change our day-to-day life? Our article looks at seven technological trends to watch out for this 2020.

It’s the beginning of a new decade and saying that we live in revolutionary technological times would be an understatement. Welcome to the 2020s – the era of gadget trends to shake things up! Consumers have spent the previous decade acclimatizing to the formative stages of AI, touchscreens, and voice-activated technology like Siri and Alexa. Speculators in the industry suggest that these innovations will continue to dominate trends. Whether it’s more streamlined app services or full of AI simulators, our article compiles the latest gadget trends 2020 will usher in. 

General Gadget Trends That Will Emerge in 2020

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are pegged to play the biggest role as the decade progresses. Brain-like computer technology aims to replicate human intelligence and create computers that operate almost indistinguishable from human-thought patterns. These perfected mechanisms can be operated in a variety of ways across society. Here are the top 7 things you can expect:

Superfast Internet 

Innovations in global broadband speed are most likely to be one of the top gadget trends for 2020. Like 5G, high-speed services will dominate consumer markets and become a standard part of global infrastructure. It will allow for seamless communication between devices and drastically increase download speed and connectivity. Like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, competitors will also enter the arena with their global broadband, Starlink. SpaceX is currently overseeing the project and plans to have approximately 30,000 satellites in space. Expected to be launched this year, Starlink will provide portable satellite videos from space available on your personal technology. Get ready for superfast connections with these tech gadget trends!

Industrial and Domestic AI

Smart home
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It has long been predicted that AI will enter the domestic sphere. From robot slaves to smart houses, sci-fi writers have predicted the dawn of the AI age for decades. Things have even moved a little slower than expected. Well, not for much longer – new gadget trends 2020 frontrunner is the AI gadget. One of the big shifts in AI technology comes from the collaboration between Amazon, Google, and Apple to develop user-friendly smart home gadgets. Consumers can expect household items, like smart lightbulbs, taps, or thermostats, which synchronize with your internet and can be controlled by a central smart mechanism. 

Healthcare Innovations 

Current gadget trends point to more sophisticated and precision-based technology across all fields in 2020 and the years following. The healthcare sector is no exception to this. AI and robotics innovation are set to make electronic prosthetics mainstream, while more accurate digital genome technology promises dramatic medical advancement. Developments in drugs and molecular models also mean that many currently incurable illnesses will potentially be treated at a DNA level, revolutionizing how we deal with chronic disease.

Food Production System Developments 

Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash

Ecology development and sustainable crop growth are at the forefront of many climate change discussions. Many firms acknowledge that gadgets and trends in 2020 and beyond must make ecological preservation a priority. Land saving crop systems, such as aquaponics and vertical farming, are among the tech gadget trends sure to dominate this industry in the coming years. Similarly, robotics research points towards replacing human labor with AI or mechanical systems as one of the new gadget trends 2020. 

Driverless Vehicles 

Another common sci-fi prediction, along with flying cars, is the development of automated vehicles. Green cars that do not rely on fossil fuels are already starting to creep into mainstream awareness. However, tech gadget trends 2020 predict that automated vehicle technology will soon be in the driver’s seat. Tesla, also pioneered by Elon Musk, combines smart and green automobiles and is developing autopilot systems on several of their models. AI developments will allow these computer systems to adapt to external terrain in real-time, making it possible for them to pilot themselves. 

Advanced Cyber Security 

Blockchain database protocol will soon be implemented by major states, like China and the US, to combat data protection breaches and prevent cyberattacks. As concerns over cybersecurity grow, and with more and more critical information being stored online, large scale institutions, like IBM, are already turning to ultra-secure blockchain technology. In short, this is predicted to be one of the largest and most powerful gadget tech trends innovations on a governmental level. 

Space Travel 

Space travel
Image from WikiImages on Pixabay

Competition between states drove the early attempts at space travel and put men on the moon. Now, tech gadget trends 2020 suggest that this drive for more efficient and accessible space travel exists again. Like SpaceX, with American companies vying for first dibs on reaching Mars and for tourist space travel, China has begun to develop their own alternatives. LinkSpace, a Chinese company, also aims to leave its mark on space and have its astronauts orbiting in 2020 and beyond. 

Technology changes lives, and it’s impossible to predict what revolutionary new gadget trends could be just around the corner. Whether you love or hate technology, there’s no doubt that modern gadgets shape our world and will do for some time. A guide for home technology will give help you make a decision on what you need to do. We hope you’ve found this list informative and got a good idea of what to expect from technological advancement across the next decade.

Final Call

What gadget trends do you predict to be the next big thing? Are they on this list? Which gadgets are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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