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Gangaa 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update: Palash’s Mothers looks for Gangaa

Gangaa 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update: Palash’s Mothers looks for Gangaa

Gangaa 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sagar requests Mr. Sheikh why he was fired from his firm even after working with the company for six years. You stole cash; you were not careful; you were ill-mannered with your coworkers; business had grievances with him also. You’re taking payback, right? Business was frightened when you left occupation you could tell their truth.

This is business set all the attributes that are bogus on you? Ganga and Palash are mistaken, and so is Niru. Sagar is supporting Palash. Sagar will lose the case in this way. Sagar sits down and stops his argument. More witnesses are presented by Palash while Sagar is quiet.

Everyone is confused at his behavior. Palash eventually presents a CD carrying the statement of all the individuals whose life was changed in some way due to Rantox. This CD must not go in the control of the court.

He will not object if he’s okay with it when judge requests Sagar. Sagar says we’re frequently confounded if to use telephone records or CDs or not. Some attorneys save offenders this manner. As a lawyer, we need to win every case, but we should recall that pledge regularly. We might have to lose some case. What can not be worse than taking good care of your promise? I expect my co-workers, and I will follow it in future also. Judge gives choice against Rantox. His allies and Malhotra get detained. Sagar, Ganga, and Palash seem joyful.

Malhotra questions. You’d have all the evidence you kept quiet. I am going to end you!

Ganga congratulates Palash. I was certain you’d get those folks justice. Palash inquired when he had too many opportunities Sagar he dints thing. Sagar answers perhaps his dints have sound evidence that is much as it was wanted. Congrats! You won this case, but it won’t happen next time.

Yash is asked for by Ratan. Folks have begun to say they see someone like Yash. You and Yash don’t comprehend anything. The case was reopened. If Yash is found now, then he’ll go to jail for a period that is longer. Someone knocks on the door then.

Ratan takes Yash’s coat. Yash conceals. Door opens. It’s cops. Ratan comes there wearing Yash’s coat. You wore jeans afterward. Ratan says I wear slacks just. Authorities leaves. The cupboard opens to Yash that is free. It’s all due to your carelessness. Prabha guides Yash to go someplace else for some time. Ratan is irked.

I also cannot go everywhere because of him. It’s all due to his acts. Do something about Yash or he will be just turned by me in some day. Yash believes his life is so dull now. Plus I ‘m out of cash.

Niru questions Sagar as to why he didn’t do anything. Why? Sagar motives justice is more important than anything else. I was just doing that. I was supporting improper folks from the start. I got to know the truth in time. I had everything ready.

My victory would have meant defeat for justice, and your ideas although I could win this case readily. I could not allow it to happen. I did the right thing?

Palash is certain Sagar lost the case intentionally although Ganga says you’re misguided. Ganga says I understand Sagar since childhood. He adores his success more than anything else. He is overly childish.

I feel you’ve finally grown up. One needs to have a generous heart, sensibility for the same. Not everyone can accept themselves as incorrect. You have won now. You proved it that you were a better lawyer than me. Malhotra calls Sagar a cheater. You are a loser! I trusted you on your own FIL’s insistence and your papa’s fame.

I realise now it was my biggest mistake. Your father could not do anything in life and made you like him only! You are incorrect here. You are right. I lost this case intentionally as I got to know your truth. I have seen it when your goons assaulted Palash. I was assaulted too. I only took Palash to the hospital, so offenders like you’re able to be punished. You were selling toxic in the name of medicines. You lied to me. You attempted to trick me. Papa says justice occurs.

Justice will happen now. He sends him away while Malhotra vows to take revenge. Niru tells Sagar he is proud of him. Ganga and Palash have heard everything. I said as he needed to this case was lost by Sagar so that we could win.

Palash walks up to Sagar. I ‘m happy to know you honor law as much as your dad does. You have got it after all from your father. Thank you for saving my life for yesterday. Sagar says it is okay. I did what was right. Palash said her hurt a lot yesterday.

She’s your childhood friend after all. Ganga realises Sagar gave Palash Sir his victory. Sagar, did all this to help the poor get justice? He didn’t let anyone know he got to know the truth! She remembers when Ganga’s FIL had come to take her Sagar had done the same thing. Sagar helped me like always and didn’t even reveal how much he stresses for me. Sagar says, Ganga. Before turning to look at him, she wipes her tears.

He profusely apologizes to her. She thinks of their childhood. She thinks of how he suspected her. He says sorry to her again. She begins to leave and takes her cycle. I’m accepting my blunder. If you’ve got to punish me. She says you do this always. You make mistakes and say sorry. You lost this case so my heart melts and I forgive you? He tells me you are wrong, but she doesn’t let him talk.

I won’t be unable to forget what you said. You doubted on my nature and my relation with Palash Sir. I’ll never manage to forgive you for the same. Words said cannot be reversed. I cannot forget what you said so I ‘ll not be able to forgive you! She goes.

Palash tells Sagar to give some time to Ganga. Let us have tea in my house. My mum will be pleased to meet somebody else like me. Sagar tries to redirect to some other time, but Palash insists. You were so upset last time you came to my house. I didn’t get a chance to do anything. Sagar apologizes to him.

I don’t know what occurred to me. Palash tells him to relax. It was my mistake also. I thought you were favouring your cousin. I ‘m taking the case against Yash back. It’s your right to fight that case. Get Yash arrested and helped Ganga get justice. Sagar nods happily.

Precap: Palash’s mom asks Sagar if Ganga has someone in her life. Sagar says there isn’t anyone. I want him to enjoy her although I do if Palash like Ganga understands. Sagar is shocked.