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Google plans to shine 5G web from Solar drones

Google plans to shine 5G web from Solar drones

Project Skybender is experimenting with millimeter-wave radio transmissions.
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Google has a brand new top secret project by the same team that brought us Project Loon, based on The Guardian. It is called Project Skybender. Also, it aims to produce 5G internet from solar drones. Mountain View has apparently started experimenting with millimeter wave-based net in the Portal of Virgin Galactic to Space terminal. Millimeter waves are considered to be accomplished by transmitting data 40 times faster than LTE and may become the technology of 5G internet.

It is packed, and there’s nowhere else to go.” The issue with millimeter wave transmissions, however, is that they fade after a brief space and can not compare to a mobile phone signal’s range. That is likely one of the issue’s Google is attempting to solve if it aims to broadcast the internet from the sky.

Google has permission from the FCC to examining the drone-internet system in New Mexico until July. As its development advances, the same manner that Google regularly declares the newest details about Project Loon, we’ll probably hear more information.