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How to Make Sure Your Next Festival is Memorable – For All the Right Reasons!

If you’ve never been to a festival before, you’ve never lived – fact.

It’s at the top of most people’s bucket lists and provides days of entertainment for the music lover.

But how do you get the most from this experience (avoiding mud slides wherever possible)?

Here’s what we’ve found:

Find a Festival That’s Right for You

First, you need to find a festival that’s going to suit your musical tastes. There’s nothing worse than listening to rave music for hours on end if your idea of music is more jazz-inspired and chilled.

rave festival

So do your research, speak to people who’ve been to the event before and look at who’s performing at each one. And don’t forget to factor in costs too, including the ticket price, getting to and from the location and buying camping gear etc. (if needed).

Get the Cheapest Tickets

Now you’ve found your ultimate festival, it’s time to make sure you’re paying as little as possible for your tickets.

Often, organizers will have early-bird options that are reduced or you may be able to pick up cheap tickets from someone who can no longer attend (but the latter is a more risky option).

Equally, festivals will often advertise for volunteers. So while you may have to do some work while you’re there, this is a great way to enjoy the festival without having to pay for it – and you might get fed too!

Add a Touch of Luxury

Does the thought of camping bring you out in hives?

Then festivals may be completely off-putting for you – but they needn’t be.

While most festivals are all about using wet wipes as your only shower for days on end and sleeping wherever you fall, there’s nothing stopping you from joining in with the growing number of people taking caravans or motorhomes to these events.

Many festivals now cater for these types of vehicles, so arm yourself with a petrol generator to power your caravan and you’ll be ready for anything (while still getting a comfy night’s sleep and shower every day).

Plan Your Journey There

It’s easy to get caught out with transport to and from the festival site, as car parks tend to be situated a few miles away from the campsite and cost a fair whack too. Public transport is often better but you might need to book in advance due to the high volume of people who’ll be traveling on the same day as you.

This last point also emphasizes why you should pack light, if possible. Trekking across muddy fields with bags full of stuff is never fun. However, if you’ve opted for the luxurious caravan option, all of these issues will be taken care of!

Ultimately, planning ahead is the key to getting the most out of your festival experience – because once you’re there, you won’t want to worry about anything other than making sure you see every act that you want to see.

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