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Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2016 Episode Written Updates: Abhi tries to make Pragya!

Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2016 Episode Written Updates: Abhi tries to make Pragya!

The last week Saturday episode of TV series Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi requesting Pragya what will she name her second man in her life, Pragya feels terrible and she attempts to clear the truth to Abhi but all goes in vain as Abhi doesn’t listen to her and says he’s did everything for her thinking that his Fuggi will return one day and hug him.

But he lost all hope now, Abhi also says that he can’t remain in same room with Pragya as he feels suffocated there, he is about to leave the room and Pragya pledge him not to go.

Abhi asked to Pragya that this time she can’t make him deceive as now he’s being alert to the actual face of Pragya and he also denied Pragya to discuss about this dialogue to the any member of Mehra family.

Kumkum bhagya 20th june 2016 written episode update
Kumkum bhagya 20th june 2016 written episode update

Abhi rejects the same, although now Tanu try to go close to Abhi. Rachna woke up from her slumber and asked to Akash that she’s stress for Akash although Pragya Di asked her not to stress and says we will help them. Abhi goes out in the rain and believes to drench himself in the rain. Pragya goes out and thinks to prevent him. She attempts to pull him but she now fall down.

But Pragya manges to get him inside to notice that Abhi has got chilly now, then she implements Vicks to his torso and puts his legs in the warm water. Abhi goes outside and locks Pragya inside in a room and Pragya hollers now.

Dadi sees Abhi in her room and wakes him up. He says to Dadi that now he’ll be like he used to stay on his youth days stay and me humiliated in front of everyone, now I shall do the same.

Dadi says you are right and says is a man betrays a girl then it appears to be good and if a woman betrays a man, it really is wrong. Abhi asks is he being taunted by her. Dadi says even you did mistake as Tanu is pregnant with your child before marriage and says she is extremely proud of him. She says a girl has to face loneliness and sadness and then explains him of the kings.

Abhi thinks Pragya did like me.

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