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Preparation Guide for Passing Microsoft DP-200 Exam on the First Try

The newly introduced Azure path focuses on the specific role-based skills that are required to function optimally in the workplace. In January 2019, Microsoft introduced two different exams that the candidates must pass to earn the Azure certification. These are DP-200 and DP-201. The Microsoft DP-200 test is one of the Azure exams that deserves your attention. In this article, the focus will be on this test. This certification guide will cover every critical detail of this Microsoft exam, including general information (structure, format, time limit), its objectives, requirements for it, as well as some tips you can use to achieve success in Microsoft DP-200.

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Overview of Microsoft DP-200 exam details

Microsoft Exam-Labs Microsoft DP-200 Practice Test Dumps is part of two exams that the students have to pass to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate credential. The test comes with about 40 to 60 questions, and the individuals have a total of 210 minutes for its completion. It’s important to mention that only 180 minutes of timeframe is allocated for answering the exam questions. The extra 30 minutes is for signing the Microsoft NDA agreement, reading the exam instructions, and providing feedback on the test.

The different types of question formats that may be included in the delivery of your test include multiple-choice, multiple select, build list and case studies. Note that you will come across about four to five questions on case studies. These questions are designed to evaluate your overall skills in the architecture domain. You may also come across scenario-based questions, which come in the form of multiple-select and multiple-choice ones. There may also be a couple of scenario-based questions that come in the format of drag and drop.

The Microsoft DP-200 test is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. To register for it, the applicants will be required to pay the exam fee of $165. The specialists planning to take this certification test should have a minimum of one year of working experience as a business intelligence professional, a data architect, or a data professional. They should have the capability to deliver the content from different data platform technologies associated with Azure. In addition to this, it is recommended that the candidates pass the Microsoft AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam before they attempt Microsoft DP-200. The vendor also recommends having hands-on experience in the field of data analytics.

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Overview of Microsoft DP-200 exam topics

There are specific topics covered in the DP-200 certification exam. The learners must develop skills and gain knowledge in each of these subjects before they attempt the test. Each objective comes with a specific percentage. It is important to note that the percentage associated with each of these topic areas indicates the weight of questions that may be expected from the delivery of the exam. The subjects with higher percentages will likely have more questions than those with lower ones. Let’s explore them briefly.

Implement data storage solutions: 40-45%

This one carries the highest percentage in the list of topics associated with the Microsoft DP-200 exam. It focuses on a wide range of subtopics, including implementing relational data stores & managing data security.

Develop & manage data processing: 25-30%

This exam objective covers two important subtopics, which include streaming solutions and developing batch processing solutions. The details of subtopics can be found on the certification page.

Monitor & optimize data solutions: 30-35%

This focuses on data processing and monitoring data storage. It also requires that the candidates develop competence in optimizing Azure data solutions.

The students must develop skills and knowledge in these areas to be able to achieve success in their exam. By passing the Microsoft DP-200 test together with the second one in this series, the students validate their knowledge and skills on the Azure platform.

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Overview of Microsoft DP-200 exam preparation recommendations

Nothing guarantees success in any exam, like preparation. Unfortunately, not everyone who studies can pass a certification test. This is rather ironic because preparation should equip you with what you need to pass the exam. The issue is that many do not use the right study materials and contents. The tips shared below will help you to know how to do it right.

Check the official Microsoft webpage

This should be the first step in your exam preparation. Check the official website to review the vital information given for the DP-200 test. You will find a wealth of data that will be significant to your prep process, as well as everything you need to know before you register for this certification exam. The page has the details of exam topics, registration fees, exam policies, and so much more. You can also find links to learning resources to help you prepare for your Microsoft test.

Study the exam objectives

Many candidates make the mistake of diving into a training course directly before understanding the exam objectives. You can’t learn much this way. You need the background information about what the test entails. Under the Skills Measured section on the website, you will find the details of the exam subjects, including the topics you are required to study as well as their subtopics. It is expedient that you go through this before you start using study resources for your preparation.

Take a training course

After you have understood what the Microsoft DP-200 exam covers, the next step is to take a training course to explain the topics to you further. You can explore the resources available on the Microsoft Learning platform. You should also check Exam-Labs for comprehensive training courses related to this test. The fact is that there are many tools in the form of training courses that are designed to help you understand the exam topics in detail. In the course of training, you will also get exposed to practice, which will adequately prepare you for the exam questions.

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Take practice tests

None of the above tips can take the place of practice tests. You should dedicate enough time to practicing with exam questions in a simulated environment. Exam-Labs is the perfect platform with the right resources for your practice tests.


The preparation process is an important part of obtaining any certification, so you should not neglect it. Use the relevant resources, develop confidence in your test-taking skills, and you will achieve high results in the Microsoft DP-200 exam.  Sometimes a college degree is not feasible but getting Microsoft certifications will help in furthering your IT career. 

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