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Sarojini Written Episode – 19th February 2016

Sarojini Written Episode – 19th February 2016

The episode begins with the goon of Tarika. Sarojini kicks him down and runs from godown locking him inside. He yells to open the door. Daadi requests Daadajiwhat happened to Nirjhara. Advice and other goons come back to godown Tarika that Sarojini escaped. Tarika requests others to hunt Sarojini shortly and comes and smacks goon. Tarika tells that Sarojini escaped and called Munna. He says he is in Shanti Nagar itself and catch Sarojini soon. He joins her, and they all begin searching Sarojini.

Sarojini continues asking individuals if they saw a tall and rational man with a light beard. Soumendra wearing blanket meets her, and they and each other both emotionally hug. She tells she searched him everywhere. He says he will take care and came back. He is informed by her what all Tarika did, and all the incidents occurred. Soumendra says he will not spare Munna.

Soumendra says did many homicides and got him in jail instead. Their fight begins.

Sarojini requests as police are seeking here Soumendra to leave from here. Soumendra says he punches Munna and is not afraid now after suffering so much. He strikes at Soumendra. Soumendra retaliates and starts beating Munna. Sarojini requests Soumendra to leave Munna. Tarika decides her firearm is screaming that she has to kill Sarojini and her house to shatter and gets her. She shoots a bullet. Both Munna and Soumendra fall in the water.

Doc gives a shock to Nirjhara to the defibrillator to revive her beat. Cops reach place and arrests goons. Sarojini says Tarika shot her Soumendra and strangulates Tarika’s neck. Inspector asks the spot to be searched by constables. Woman constable stops Sarojini. Constable return and say they didn’t locate anyone around. Tarika says she just frightened Sarojini with a gun and didn’t do anything. Sarojini says she will not spare Tarika for damaging Soumendra. Inspector requests Tarika to be complained against by Sarojini.

Precap: The brother of Munna strangulates for penalizing Munna, Sarojini. Soumendra is brought on a stretcher. Sarojini says Soumendra. Brother says Munna.