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Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update: Prem pushes simar away!

Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update: Prem pushes simar away!

Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last episode of the serial “Sasural Simar Ka” says it’s time to conclude you as you constantly get me in the trouble and began with, Mata Ji was stage firearm at Simar.

Mata Ji shoots Simar and Simar was seen shouting but unexpectedly light gone and the whole, Bharadwaj family is shocked to see that Simar is evaporated when, the light has come. Mata Ji said we should kill Simar and Sid says, don’t stress and cries, quite shortly, I’m going to locate Simar and I am going to be killing her.

Prerna said to the Simar, unless, Mata Ji undoubtedly going to kill you, that, thank God, I’m come in the perfect time and substitution of the light. Simar said she’s really stress for the Bharadwaj family and the Mata Ji, how she’s going to save her family.

Prerna said happily I arrived perfect time, to save you and to the Simar that thank completely, she listen the dialogues, of their preparation to kill you and Sid and Mata Ji. Now unexpectedly, Chandra warned Simar that she’s going to stop Simar’s life and come.

Simar said, you can’t be more stable than your evil power and Mata Raani will be end by the Mata Rani with her holy power.

So you’re challenging me, Chandra said to the Simar, I am going to reveal you lesson. Simar is frightened and shocked to hear thus. As he must wed on Chandra Mata Ji said to the Amar that Prem was kept concealed in the farm house, he’ll be just coming on the day of his wedding.

And Chandra additionally said to the Simar, quite shortly, I’m going to wed Prem, and you won’t have the ability to do anything. Simar said Prem Ji and me, is one soul, and I understand; Prem Ji will be coming to me.

Precap: Prem pushes her away from the running auto although Simar attempt to describe to Prem and Simar fall down. Prem is stunned!

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