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Silsila Pyaar Ka Written update on 16th Jan 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Written update on 16th Jan 2016

Janki takes akshay outside, haldi service starts at akshay in addition to kajals place,akshay is really worried,kajal gives him a call, janki does not permit akshay to receive call, kajal believes why has not akshay called me seems like he did not enjoy me snapping his letter , I ‘ll speak to him n break up all differences, janki uses haldi to akshay, akshay looks at him helplessly.

janki keeps the call n says sorry son I ‘ll not complete this wish of urs n its for ur great.

Janki calls vidhi n says how dare u give that package cant u do one single work,vidhi says no didi I did not, janki says u are a treytor n now if u need it to be all great keep him occupied n prevent him from coming here, vidhi says ok, janki really upset, raunak abt to leave, vidhi acts as if she’s hurted her leg n says chachi sit shamu kaka call physician n chachi I ‘ve to leave .

Janki tells kamini abt raunak coming, kamini says now what will u do cancel wedding, janki says no means the wedding is not going to take after 6hrs but right now, kajal calls akshay, akshays telephone is with janki she picks it up n requests kajal what’s it, n says u seem so excited to speak to akshay call after a while.

Vinay walks to kajal upset, kajal questions what’s it says didi do not get married plz do not leave me n go. Kajal says I ‘m not going to next planet n entire room will be urs cmon grin go n get prepared my brother shd look fine.

Janki goes to akshay n gives munshi n radhika work n they leave, radhika says akshay janki devi is really excited for ur wedding n not let us miss raunak, janki says what to do he’s to remain with his mom n now u two go I ‘ll remain with akshay, akshay says now what u need, janki calls kajal, kajal says yes akshay, janki says its me n have patience ur dying to speak to akshay delay n sets phone on speaker.


Precap: Raunak calls janki says ma I reached Bhopal just some more time do not let wedding take place.
Akshay says to himself, great raunak is coming now I must take time n delay the wedding.
Raunak racing to mandap n akshay kajal taking pheres.