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Star Plus Badtameez full written episode on 5th Nov 2015

Star Plus Badtameez full written episode on 5th Nov 2015 :

The Episode gets emotional and starts thinking about Abeer’s words. Meher sees her pictures with Abeer and opens her notebook. Meher is called by Akshat and says union coordinator needs to speak with her. Meher can phone afterwards and says she’s active. Meher gets the call of union planner. Meher tells she wants organizations for 100-120 individuals, as well as the food is going to be veg and veg. She is heard by Abeer and Meher isn’t becoming changed along with his union. Meher laughs. Abeer calls Meher’s sanan bewafa. Appendix does not care about your union, and says she’s not affected. Abeer asks why she’s doing work in office that is private. Meher says she’s extremely active. Meher’s notebook turns and sees their pictures. Abeer grins. Meher calls peon and asks him to leave. Abeer also have an eye lock and places hand on her mouth.

Akshat asks did you speak to the wedding planner and comes to Meher’s cottage. Akshat kisses on her cheeks, and says he’s ready to wed her. Abeer says because I understand that you adore you very much, I won’t ever consider you. Abeer says my pics were being seen by you as you’re missing me. Abeer says I really like you Meher. Abeer leaves.

Kuber tells Sasha as Abeer has taken the appropriate choice for the very first time that he’s quite joyful. Sasha says she’s thinking a great deal as she will wed her companion and is nervous. Sasha says Abeer makes Meher Envious that is why he desires to wed me and would like to show something. Kuber says what’s not unimportant that two individuals are not unlike even in standing. She is asked by Sasha . Kuber asks Sasha to call him Mamma and Papa . Kuber wonders where’s Madhavi?

Madhavi believes something is definitely not correct and is in her auto. The peon’s name is asked for by he. Madhavi says as his dad’s name is Akshat Raval his name might be Ishaan Raval. The peon goes to get the birth certificate and asks Madhavi to give cash. Peon tells that a lad is with all the name Ishaan Purohit. Peon gives the printout to Madhavi and takes it. Madhavi sees the birth certificate as well as other documents and thanks Ishaan. She’s shocked to find out Meher’s name. He wonders if Akshat isn’t Ishaan’s daddy who’s him’s dad subsequently.

Madhavi inquires Suman where’s Meher and comes to Meher’s house? Meher inquires what occurred? Madhavi inquires where’s Ishaan? Madhavi asks who’s the father of your son or daughter, and says I’m seeking for his identity. Madhavi seeks Ishaan in the home and calls for him. Suman and Meher attempt to prevent him. Madhavi sees the bag along with Ishaan’s garments and goes to him’s room. Madhavi asks until when she is going to split Ishaan, and says you’re sending Ishaan away from us. Madhavi asks her to tell who’s the daddy of Ishaan and reveals her school certification of Ishaan. Madhavi asks if she’s thinking right and says Ishaan was born almost following your divorce. Madhavi asks her to tell and pleads to her. Meher chooses and weeps Abeer’s name. Madhavi is mental and joyful. Madhavi says it means I’m correct.

Madhavi says he’s Abeer’s son and I’ve become dadi. Madhavi asks should you not care about our camaraderie, and questions Suman, why did you conceal this kind of huge thing from me. Madhavi says I won’t ever forgive you. Meher asks Abeer to not be told by Madhavi. Madhavi attempts to leave and says it’s his right to learn. Meher says she will be stopped by me and says nothing can finish. Madhavi is going back while she is being followed by Meher in her automobile. Madhavi thinks about Abeer’s and Ishaan likings. Madhavi is called by Meher. Madhavi asks for Abeer and reaches her house. Servant tells he might take the area. Meher believes to prevent Abeer and overly reaches there. Abeer’s room is come to by Madhavi. Madhavi says it’s Abeer’s right to understand. Meher says you understands me, and asks what about my right. Meher says I’ve a major reason to conceal it. Meher says, and asks her to pay attention to her once afterward you will not prevent.