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Star Plus: Full written episode of Mere Angne Mein 23rd November 2015

Star Plus: Full written episode of Mere Angne Mein 23rd November 2015:

Begins with Amit taking the cellphone of a guy by lying about his injury. He says I got free, you don’t have to get cash and calls Sarla. Amit is caught by the goons . Amit threatens and says if she will not give cash in 2 days, they’ll kill Amit. Riya is asked by Shivam is she lying to Amit. Riya needs to say and Amit goes. Riya gets Bunty’s call and is stressed. Riya says she’s feeling guilty by lying to Shivam and weeps, last time that I discussed things and he got mad, he told me not to discuss again, I am aware this is imp, but I m lost. Riya stops call.

Will Shanti arrange cash Sarla calls her and asks. Sarla says she’s unwell. Shanti says do not worry, I’ll come there. Sarla says no, I m good after speaking to you personally. Shanti weeps. Raghav tells about Sarla’s disorder and meets Sinha. Raghav is called by Shanti and asks him to organize cash quickly, each day is rough for Sarla. Shanti weeps. Raghav says everything will get good, do not stress. Shanti says her trust broke. Kaushalya asks Shanti not to stress, Sarla is going to be OK, you’re my fortitude and weeps, do not lose nerve, this rough time will pass. Shanti pacifies.

Shanti says Kaushalya, I m really frightened and embraces Kaushalya. Preeti and radio play and gets to understand RJ Mohit is unwell another RJ is hosting the show. Preeti believes Mohit is worried and stresses for Mohit, she’s avoided him. Nimmi says it was complicated by Preeti. Raghav asks about Shanti and calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya says Shanti is good, everyone slept. Kaushalya coughs and Raghav stresses for her. Kaushalya says everything is going to be good. Raghav says I’ll come home in some endings and time call. Mohit is thought about by Preeti.

Mohit throws on balcony and gets a rope. The RJ begins scaling. The RJ messages Preeti that he knows she adores him, so he’s got surprise. The RJ asks her to meet with him on patio. Preeti calls him and asks what’s he doing, did he get angry, she is not going to come to meet with him. The hardwork says if you are seen by anyone, they’ll not leave me. The RJ inquires what’s he doing here, it’s going to be huge issue. The RJ asks her to be quiet anyone will undoubtedly see them.

The RJ says he desires to wed her shortly, he’s unable to focus on work. The RJ says he’s got a present for Preeti, it is a lovely dress for a lovely woman, and asks her to wear it and come shortly. Preeti says she can not wear this and sees the western short clothing, she didn’t wear such clothes before. She is requested by him. Preeti refuses. The RJ says he’ll leap down. Preeti asks did he get angry. The RJ says come and wear it. Preeti says good, assure you will not fall down, I’ll come. Preeti goes. Welcome Mohit is said by him its fine to the Sasural,. The RJ waits there. The RJ and the lights glow conceals immediately. Shivam goes.

Preeti comes and wears that dress. Mohit gets mesmerized seeing Preeti. Preeti feels fearful. He covers Preeti and gets a sheet. He grins seeing Preeti. They’ve a eyelock. The eyelock proposes her and gifts Preeti a ring. Preeti gives and nods her hand.

Mosquitoes trouble Shanti and comes out. Her garments change. Mohit asks Preeti to say I really like you. Preeti gets stressed seeing Shanti and takes the RJ by stairs. They hide and Preeti tells him that her Papa is right at the doorway. Raghav comes home and discussions to Shanti, requesting her not to stress for cash. Preeti and Mohit conceal. Preeti stresses seeing Kaushalya. Preeti calls Nimmi’s help to be taken by she. Nimmi yells this can not occur, save Bua ji. Everyone hurry to see Nimmi. Nimmi plays like seeing terrible dream about Sarla. Shivam inquires what occurred, and Nimmi wakes up. Mohit is sent by Preeti immediately. Mohit goes and embraces Preeti.

Nimmi says she’s terrible dream. Preeti comes. Preeti says toilet. Nimmi all pacifies and leave. Preeti and Nimmi hug. Kaushalya says Sarla is loved by girls . Kaushalya reveals the ring and tells about Mohit. Nimmi gets happy. Preeti says she said ok to his suggestion. Preeti says that was not asked by me. Nimmi says ring is lovely, you’re blessed.

Sonal requests Sarla is she great. Sarla shouts and embraces sonal. Sarla stops seeing Rani and attempts telling Sonal about Amit. Sonal says Amit has work, he’ll come. Rani says karela will treat cancer and gives it juice to Sarla. Sonal asks it to be drunk by Sarla. Sarla refuses. Sonal insists. Preeti is woken up by Nimmi. Nimmi says she’s not feeling good for Sonal. Raghav makes phone to organize cash.

Sarla falls in Rani’s trick and gets interested.