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Star Plus: Full written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2015

Star Plus: Full written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2015:

With Bau ji saying he begins can not determine so shortly. Naitik says the time’s good you didn’t do instance. Akshara says we won’t do this connection. Dada ji says he’s not speaking to Akshara, guys should speak to guys, do not speak in between. Naitik says choices are taken by us as family member, not man or girl, she has right to take choice and is Naksh’s mom. Dada ji says correct, but girls are feeble by head and will not require appropriate choice, whereas guy believes nicely, you discuss and tell me, its great should you concur happily, else you understand I need Tara’s well-being, so I’ll require your acceptance. Akshara says no demand to speak to him, Naitik.

Mishti comes. Dada ji asks her to conquer him, but describe them. Dada ji have right to scold us and says groom’s family are you, nothing will be said by us, we sit and will wait here. He asks here to think of children’s well-being. Dada ji’s grandsons and he stand to wait.

Akshara says Tara and Naksh are not old, they need to examine, its not their time to union. Naitik says yes, we are being pressurized by them. Naman says they’re threatening. Girja gives water to naman. Akshara says we’ve told you we’re not prepared for this particular union. Dada ji says I comprehend the words of guys, send them to speak to me. Naitik says verdict is not other, we do not accept this proposition.

Dada ji says I believed you folks are educated and great family, but you chose to penalize Tara, I busted that Roka, Tara is going to be destroyed, she is going to be single all her life, she didn’t do anything, she’s without parents, have some commiseration, she’s fine. Akshara says we’re not finding girl now, although perhaps you’re correct, I request you not to find her man, she’s not old, train her and make her independent. Naitik says its your pick, but my son is not old for union. Dada ji says he’s old for love.

Naitik requests whats this. Sangram says if they do not agree, they’ll compel them. Dada ji says Sangram gets mad, he adores Tara a lot, he was whining about Naksh and said he’ll take revenge for Tara’s tears, but I stopped him, Tara said he adores Naksh and is weeping, do not you’ve sister. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara and Naitik to come to her and speak.

Tara asks is he and calls Naksh. Bhabhimaa says are issues coming on us. Tara says love is come in by challenges. She says I should go far and blames herself, then everyone would be joyful will we be joyful damaging everyone. Tara inquires will we be joyful living without each other. Herself says anyone can not hurt, Tara says I can endure anything. Herself says you’ve got to endure. Tara hears stresses and this. Naksh stops call and says I’ll discuss afterwards.

Bhabhimaa says why are you both refusing Naksh desires to marry Tara. Akshara says they’re doing wrong. Bhabhimaa says what’ll we do if choice is taken by Naksh. Akshara says Naksh is not going to determine anything erroneous. Bhabhimaa says I’ve observed world, he’s right, if Naksh and Tara take incorrect measure afterward…. Bau ji and Devyaani agree with Bhabhimaa. He is seen by Dada ji. Akshara stresses.

Dada ji apologizes to him and requests Naksh is he. What is asked by Naksh. Vikram and Sangram apologize. Dada ji requests Naksh to tell Tara that Dada ji brought your parents as well as her suggestion took time. Dada ji is asked by Akshara is Naksh being blackmailed by him. Akshara asks Naksh to believe its major selection wekk,.

Dada ji asks Naksh keep his assurance to Tara and to listen to his heart. Vishwamber says Akshara didn’t come till now. Nannu is asked by Rajshri did he eat blossoms than sweets and fruits. Now laugh. Rajshri stresses. Dadi says perhaps someone came there.

Naksh says I do not find anything incorrect in this, mumma I would like to be with her and adore Tara all my life. Dada ji grins happily. Akshara says such choices aren’t taken in haste, union is dedication, you can not determine like this. Dada ji says Naksh is known by me, he won’t take his measure back and is a guy. Akshara says he’s a child. The kid says for parents, kids stay a child consistently. Till mumma doesn’t concur Naksh says, I can not accept this, please delay. Dada ji says good, as you say, I must follow your orders, we’ll sit here.

Dada ji inquires Naksh does he need same. Naksh nods. Dada ji says good, we’ll leave. He says he’s left coins plate advise us and there, accept it.

Dadi says whats wrong if Tara and Naksh enjoy each other. Akshara says my heart isn’t prepared for this, how do i concur Varsha, more demands will be kept by them. Rajshri says connection joins, they’ll transform.