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Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Episode – 19th February 2016

Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Episode – 19th February 2016

Dadi asks how? Dadi goes and gets a call. Rakhi and Lalita make some arrangements of Mata Darbar. They talk that if their strategy succeeds, they will become rich, but will Soumya do this. The ladies come there. Lalita welcomes them. Where’s Soumya, the woman asks, we got chadava for her. Lalita says we will give her, sit. Soumya sees so many slippers outside and comes back. Soumya inquires why.

Lalita and Rakhi view Soumya and begin the drama. Lalita asks the ladies to keep blooms at Devi’s pic. Soumya comes there and gets shocked seeing her pic. The women greet Soumya and say see her Tejh, Jai Ho Devi Maa.

Suhani embraces asks and Golu Barbie about her work. Suhani smiles. Menka inquires Suhani is Baanch and taunts her. They get shocked. Dadi and Barbie scold Menka. Menka argues. Suhani gets sad and says I did well about Menka till I understand my love is always with me. She goes and cries. Dadi scolds for embarrassing them Menka. Barbie says Menka’s mum should have slapped her in youth Menka would be good. Dadi sends Suhani to be seen by Bhavna.

Soumya inquires Rakhi what’s she doing. Soumya gets annoyed and goes. Rakhi and Lalita send the ladies. Bhavna goes to Suhani and embraces her. She asks her not to think what Menka said. You’re Golu’s Maasi, you’re like the mum of Golu, do not believe that you are abshagun for Golu. She consoles Suhani. Barbie comes there. She says to drink water, and I understood Menka is jealous of you, you need to have slapped her, they require a lesson. Suhani says no, I can not become like them, and I promised Yuvraaj that we will solve this matter, Yuvraaj is talking to another doctor. Barbie says it’s great, and you answer everyone via physician view.

She goes. Once doctor says everything is good Bhavna says, they will all shut up. Suhani shouts saying Menka called me Baanch/infertile infront of everyone, why did she do this with me, if I had a child, I’d have become a good mommy. Bhavna says don’t good, Menka has habit to say anything wrong, forget it. Suhani hugs and weeps Bhavna. Yuvraaj appears on teary eyed.

Yuvraaj angrily goes to Menka and asks how dare you call Suhani a Baanch. Anuj inquires what and scolds Menka. Yuvraaj says to describe her Chotu, we’re going through tough time, if our issues increase, I’ll get angry. She asks what did I say wrong. Anuj asks is she mad. Anuj says do not worry, and we are with you. Yuvraaj warns Menka not to do this again and goes.

Soumya requests Rakhi to quit this nonsense. She asks why are they deceiving innocent folks, Lalita what’s happening. Lalita says they get some relieve. Rakhi says shut up, stop this nonsense, as Maa is saying, do, Radhe is hiding face because of you. Soumya says not because of me; he misbehaved with the woman. Soumya argues. Krishna scolds and comes Soumya, asking her to apologize to Lalita. Lalita thinks I ‘ve seen that fantasies and Soumya isn’t agreeing.

Yuvraaj inquires Suhani is she ready. She says yes, I m not unhappy too, there will be some way, cheer up. He says yes, but Menka had no right to say that, she crossed her limit, I hope she never does this again it won’t be perfect for her. They leave.

Pratima inquires Barbie about coconut water. Barbie gives her and says it is in the icebox. Pratima says I don’t know. Dadi asks juice for Suhani, take good care of her, and also Barbie to make green tea for her. Pratima says I will tell Ramesh. Dadi says Barbie will do; she can help us. Barbie says when Suhani is back home I will make it, Yuvraaj is taking Suhani to new gynac. Dadi damage and gets shocked by glass. Pratima says I wish this all gets fine soon. Dadi goes and says I ‘ll employ medicine. Suhani finds Dadi offers help and harm. Dadi says I will manage; you go. Suhani goes to drink water. Dadi asks what are you doing, if they say negative, should you take Suhani to physician and discussions to Yuvraaj, she is going to break down. He says but Dadi. She says don’t do this right now.

Precap: Dadi tells Suhani that she is going to make things great. She shows the reports. Suhani requests what’s in these reports.