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Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Episode 20th January 2016

Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Episode 20th January 2016

The Episode starts with Dadi showing her necklaces. Dadi says truth is being said by Aditya. Bhavna says Aditya is incorrect. Bhavna is scolded by Dadi. Like Pankaj demonstrated his innocent Aditya to prove his innocent Yuvraaj says. Suhani, Saurabh and Sharad also ask Aditya to demonstrate it. Aditya says good, I’ll get that necklace from goons. Suhani requests why will they return the necklace. Dadi says I m giving 2 hours time to Aditya. Yuvraaj says let one of us go with him, if he runs away.. Aditya says I will not run. Dadi sends him and says I trust him. Suhani and Yuvraaj say he will not come back. Bhavna says I told Suhani to get him detained.

Menka tells Pranks that Aditya will not come back. Rags says Suhani always blames anyone. Menka says if Aditya is being blamed by Suhani, perhaps as Suhani constantly says right thing, he is erroneous. She is scolded by rags. Bhavna says if Aditya does not come back then.. Rags asks Menka to call Dadi and hears their strategy. Bhavna requests in calling jewelry shops, Sharad and Yuvraaj to help them. Suhani tells her strategies. They all call the stores to know about exceptional diamond necklace sold at their store. They don’t find anything. Sharad says I believe he deceived us, he will not come. Rags says Dadi, I think Aditya WOn’t return.

Suhani says its 3 hours today, Aditya didn’t come. Menka says I won and laughs. Dadi tries calling Aditya. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj to call authorities. Suhani says it means Bhavna was saying right. Bhavna says I told you to get him detained, see he has run away. Yuvraaj and Sharad request Bhavna not to worry.

Constable is asked by Pankaj for a blanket saying he’s feeling cold. He gets the blanket. Dadi requests Suhani not to call authorities. Why did Aditya run away if he’s innocent, Suhani questions. Dadi says he is stressed because of you. Suhani says we’re also stressed for our father. Dadi says your father is perpetrator. Yuvraaj asks them not to fight. Suhani weeps and says its enough Yuvraaj. Its useless describing to them is said by Bhavna. Suhani says Aditya will be sent by me to jail. Yuvraaj says you’re appropriate Suhani.

Pankaj sees the newspaper and says I did not do anything. He makes a knot in blanket. Suhani calls police station and Aditya brings the necklace. He shows it to Dadi. Suhani ends call and says sorry. Aditya reveals the receipt where this necklace was sold. Yuvraaj gives it to Suhani.

Suhani gets call from police station. She says she telephoned by mistake. She gets shocked and drops the telephone. She falls by the shock. They all turn to see. Suhani what happened is asked by Bhavna. Yuvraaj takes the phone. Suhani weeps. Inspector asks Yuvraaj to come to police station, we phone doctor too. Why did you call physician Yuvraaj questions. Suhani says Papa tried to commit suicide. Bhavna and everyone get shocked. What is asked by Yuvraaj. Inspector says yes, come shortly. Yuvraaj stops call and says yes. Suhani says my Papa can’t do this. Yuvraaj says we have to go there and takes her. Bhavna is taken by Sharad.

Doctor checks Pankaj. Bhavna and Suhani shout. Dadi asks Aditya did he not ask her anything, why did he do this. Aditya falls in her feet and says sorry, I was scared, Suhani was blaming me, so I did this. Dadi says good, do not do this next time. Aditya says I affirm, Gauri is my wife, I can not presume to do this with her. Gauri and Pratima come home. Pratima asks what Aditya.

Physician says Pankaj is great, its great constable has seen him on time, else.. Suhani asks else what doctor. Suhani asks doctor what then, and says wait. Why is he stressed, Pratima asks Aditya. Gauri says her excursion to guest house was great, Pratima made me do shopping. Gauri says I got presents for Aditya simply. Menka says great , else Aditya will steal things. Pratima scolds her. Gauri inquires Dadi what is Menka.

Suhani said sorry and says afterward inspector would have phoned, they got late. Pankaj says its easy to say things that are big, you won’t understand my pain. Suhani weeps and says they understand his pain. Pankaj says as he has huge blot on him now, he took this huge measure after thinking about them, they can not be happy with him so he strove to give his life. Suhani says you believe people will think you’re right after you die, no way, they’re going to feel you were wrong, Lata would have expired also, we would have faced more problems. Pankaj says this stain will always be with me. Suhani says this won’t be decided by you. She cries and says whats the time when anything occurs to inspector and Papa to say this then calls us to notify. They weep.

Precap: Doctor comes to assess someone in Birla house. He says its some illness and gets nail from the wound. Its Gauri’s nail is said by rags. Suhani looks on.