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Swaragini Written Episode 12th February 2016

Swaragini Written Episode 12th February 2016

The Episode begins for trapping Swara with Ragini attributing Kavita. Urvashi reminds of her previous doings and says you’re showing love to your sister now. Ragini told me you do not have any mankind and killed my maasi. Sanskar requests Ragini fall to her degree and not to speak with her. He says he spoke to Attorney and Swara is not guilty. He tells Kavita that she Won’t become successful in splitting them, and he’ll get to the source of the trouble. Kavita says in the event you believe this; then I’ll leave. Sanskar says you will be here and will not go everywhere. Ragini says I will not leave you, and you’ll get penalized. Sujata says I do not understand whose poor eye fell on our well-being. Sanskar says I meet and will go Swara. Ragini says I will even accompany you. Sumi says I will even come. Laksh requests them to go and says he’ll be with everyone. Sumi shouts.

She asks her to believe if Kavita went someplace from the bakery. Ragini says she should have sent someone to kill Urvashi and says no. Swara says Sanskar saw Kavita constantly and says she has done no and the homicide. I certainly will use my brain and also understand the tricks. Sanskar says he’ll get to be aware of the facts and additionally comes. Ragini says it’s my turn to win. From where you are going to begin swara requests. Ragini and Sanskar come to the bakery. Ragini tells Sanskar that Kavita sat on that sofa and purchased the cake. They make an effort to enquire about Kavita and get in the bakery. The supervisor says that she’d purchased two- three cakes and sat on that sofa. Sanskar believes supervisor could not see that view correctly as it’s much and sees the view. Sanskar says there has to be some area from where she’d went. They make an effort to enquire about the way out and get in the storeroom. The guy requests them to leave and says there’s no manner here. Sanskar believes can Kavita go and kill Urvashi and loses his patience.

Sanskar meets Swara and comes to Police station. Swara asks him to take her outside from there and embraces him. Sanskar says we will get some evidence in any case. He thinks about his conversation with the attorney, and he remembers attorney saying that he wants real evidence. Sanskar says it was combined with water. Attorney says although we realize this, but wants evidence. He tells Swara that he’ll take her outside. Swara says Attorney doesn’t have any proof. She shouts again. Sanskar promises to take her outside anyway and embraces her. He asks her to assure him and not to reduce strength.

Durga Prasad says when needed we will phone you. Sujata stresses. Ragini asks him about Swara. Sanskar suffocates her neck and goes near Kavita. He inquires did you kill at bay Swara and Maasi. Durga Prasad requests Sanskar to leave her. Sanskar leaves Kavita. Kavita says I ‘ll not remain here even for a min. Sanskar says no, you will not go anyplace. He says if you think after going from here that you are going to play your antics; then you’re incorrect. He says you’ll remain here in front of us. He sees decorators taking the ornamentation out. Sanskar, what he’s doing is asked by Ragini? What’s going to occur to Swara if anything occurs to Kavita then? Sanskar says attorney stated that if Swara gets jailed, then the punishment will probably be intense like Kaala paani. He says now is her hearing, and we do not have any evidence. He looks at the picture of Swara and leaves. Ragini says I will not let anything happen to you and looks at her picture Swara.

She wonders where he’s going and sees Laksh? If she’s planning to meet with swara Sanskar inquires Ragini. Ragini says she’s taking food for her and says yes. If you’ll come, she asks. Ragini requests her to eat food and brings food. Sanskar is asked about by swara. She says we will get it, and says he’s looking to find the evidence. Swara says my all actions were seized in the CCTV, and then the actions of Kavita are not captured. She says there’s something incorrect. Ragini says there’s one manner.

Ragini comes to investigations and the resort for evidence in the trash bin. The attorney is talked to by Sanskar. Attorney says we will proof. Ragini tells Sanskar that they will free Swara. Attorney says they need show which isn’t in their hand and nods no. After Swara gets transferred to other jail and gets imprisoned. Ragini weeps. Swara looks with teary eyes at Sanskar shockingly.

Sanskar remembers her arrest etc. and looks at the picture of Swara Kavita says that is why came to help you, and I can comprehend your pain. I have a means to save Swara. What evidence is asked by Sanskar? Kavita says I can show that Swara hasn’t killed Urvashi. Sanskar requests the way you are going to demonstrate? Kavita says you must consent to my condition. You must give a cost for the freedom of Swara. Sanskar requests what cost? Kavita says she asks him to marry her and does not want cash.

Precap: Sanskar requests Kavita where she attempts locating it and kept the evidence. After Sanskar and Ragini come to the bakery and restage that event. Ragini says they can get caught. Authorities come there. After Laksh tells Ragini that Sanskar is getting prepared for marriage.