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Sweet Deep Love Messages for Boyfriend on Facebook

Sweet Deep Love Messages for Boyfriend on Facebook

Love Messages for Boyfriend!!! Not every girl is blessed to have a loving and caring boyfriend. Boys are mostly like “Do not disturb me natured”. But there a few girls blessed with the most caring and loving boyfriends, who never gets bored listening to her. Girls blessed with such boyfriends would need no reason to share love messages for their boyfriend. From dawn to dusk they keep messaging their love. For this purpose, they would surf the web for some awesome collection of Love Messages for Boyfriend.
If you too are blessed with such a loving boyfriend and are looking forward to share love messages for your boyfriend. Hope our post would please you. Feel free to use them as well as share them online with your friends and followers.

Love Messages for Boyfriend

  • Falling in love with you… I don’t know how or when it happened. All I know that it is the best thing to have happened to me. I love you.
  • From random laughs to random kisses, our love has put me in a blissful state of randomness that I never want to come out of. I love you.

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  • If you listen to my breaths closely, you will hear the words I Love You coming out with every single one. I am literally living for you, and only you. I love you.
  • I thought I knew everything about myself there was something that I didn’t and you did… the way into my heart. xoxo
love messages for boyfriend
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  • The sun can rise, the sun can set, but my day will never start until I get. A text from you, followed by a hug, and later a lot of kisses over a warm coffee mug. I love you.
  • I never thought that only three words could sum up the reason for my existence. But I realized how wrong I was when I said… I Love You.

I Love You Sweetheart Messages

  • Your love is sweeter than chocolate, more intoxicating than wine and feels warmer than a fireplace in winter. In short, your love is magical. I love you.
  • It is amazing how my heart, such a tiny bit of me, can love a whole lot of you. I love you.
  • Whenever we talk, no matter what you say the only words that I hear coming out of your mouth are I Love You. xoxo
  • If loving you was a job, I would be the most deserving, dedicated and qualified candidate. In fact, I would even be willing to work for free. I love you.
  • All day long I hear people shout but when I hear your voice, you fade away the crowd. I love you.
  • All my life I have searched but I never found someone who is so perfect for me. You make my life complete. With you I need not worry about the future because, as long as I have you by my side, I know the future will only be a pleasant surprise. I love you.
  • Arms that will hold me at my weakest, eyes that have seen me at my ugliest, heart that loves me at my worst, I have found everything in you and that is why I have found love in you.

Romantic Good Night I Love You Messages 

  • Baby, do you know that you mean a lot,
    I am saying this from my every thought
    Will love you till the end of time
    Coz I feel lucky to call you mine,
    Love you a lot!
  • Being with you feels so perfect. I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life, ever! I love you!
  • Being the best boyfriend comes with a price. You’ve got to be better and better for me year after year!
  • Do you know that we are made for each other?
    Coz we are so awesome together,
    There is no one like us no one another,
    We rock..Love you so much!
  • The problem with love is there’s always too little, or too much. What I’ve come to learn is you should always be with someone you can’t live without, not someone you just want to live with. And that’s you
  • I trust you, babe. And you know what? That’s a better compliment than I love you. Want to know why? Because you don’t always trust someone you love, but you can always love the person you trust- forever.
  • You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.

I Love You So Much Quotes and Sayings

  • If I had to choose my best day ever, my finest hour, and my wildest dream come true, mind you always be you
  • If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to say I love you.
  • Never doubt someone’s love for you. If you find some imperfections, just let them be. If you survive the pain, the happiness is never ending and highly satisfying. Never try to find the perfect love, because love without pain is completely impossible.
  • At times I used to wonder how it has happened in my life, how I met you in my life. The turning point in my life is meeting you.
love messages for boyfriend
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  • I care for you and you care for me, you make everything so easy for me to run my days.
  • I feel proud and happy to have you as my love.
  • You are there for me during my good and bad times; I would like you to be with me forever.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

  • I held your hands tightly, took your shoulders for my support.
    You know more about me than I know about myself, I feel so comfortable with you dear.
  • Waiting for the moment to come when you are like the candy in my mouth, melting and spreading its sweetness.
  • I would move mountains and swim across oceans to be in your presence.
  • I luv ur eyes i luv ur smile.i cherish ur ways i adore ur style.Wot can i say?ur 1of a kind & 24/7 ur on my mind!

    As I lie awake in my bed.All sorts of thought run through my head,Like why do I love u as much as I do.den I realise its because u r u!

  • I believe that God above created u for me to luv. He picked you out from all the rest ‘cos he knew id luv you the best!

Sweet Deep I Love You Messages for Her

  • I love so much my heart is sure.As time goes on I love you more,Your happy smile.Your loving face No1 will ever take your place

    Sweet as a rose bud bright as a star cute as a kitten thats what u are.bundles of joy sunshine and fun you are everything i luv all rolled into 1

  • You were chosen for me to love amongst the rest because I would love you the best!
  • Love teaches you until you learn, even if it takes long, it takes you where you belong!
  • When we are together, I feel better, stay with me forever, so I always feel safer!
  • Your love is like the sun for me. It keeps me alive and it makes me glow!
  • We may fight and we may cry, but we’ll get back, I’ll tell you why- because you are the reason I’ll survive.

Deep Love Messages for Boyfriend

love messages for boyfriend
love messages for boyfriend
  • Superheroes were my weakness, and then you came along. I love you from the tips of your two-toned grunge cut to the soles of your vintage high-tops. You are real; you are you, and I will always be your number one fan.
  • I believe that dreams can come true, because mine did when I met you, my love. I will always love you. I swear.
  • I could never say how much I like you, and just how special you are to me. But I can say that my world is all smiles whenever I am with you. I love you a lot.

Romantic Good Night Sms Messages

  • They say this kind of love is once in a lifetime, and I know you are the one for me. I offer you all of me today and for always. Thank you for showing me how it feels to be loved.
  • I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn.
  • Maybe it’s too early to say I love you, but I can’t keep it a secret. I’ve never felt this perfectly happy, and I wanted you to know that you’re the reason why.
  • I love it when we cuddle and spend nights at home just as much as I love going on our adventures and crazy excursions. Any time spent with you is time spent well.
  • 7.5 billion smiles in the world, and yours is the one that set my heart on fire.
  • No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I really miss you.
  • I knew my feelings for you were real when I spent more time thinking about you than worrying about myself.
  • I will expect you to surprise me with a visit this long weekend and if you fail to deliver, I will find you and I will kick your butt. P.S. I love you.
  • I think you took the hands-off police too seriously when we fought.

Long Love Quotes and Sayings for Him

  • You are my world. You are everything to me. I would be lost without you. You love me, care for me, make me feel good and there is no one better than you.
  • I love you. You make me feel like the only girl in your life. I hope this never changes.
  • You are simply the best thing that has and will ever happen to me. You treat me like any woman dreams of being treated. My knight in shining armor! I love you, honey!
  • I love you entirely with all my heart. Through thick and thin, we have been together and have fought for the survival of this relationship. I will always be there for you. I love you, baby!
  • I loved how we watched the sunset together. I think I am in love.
  • Baby, you are one of the hardest-working people that I know. I love that about you and I could not have asked for anyone better as my soul mate in this world.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Lover

  • I cannot believe it has been two years since we have been together. Through all the ups and downs of life, I still love you and cannot picture a life without you. You are my lover and best friend.
  • You do not realize how much I love you. You don’t realize how much of a positive effect you have had on my life. You are the greatest boyfriend I have ever had. Since I have been with you, I have always been smiling.
  • It is the little things that put a smile on my face. You are the reason I went back to love songs. I am immensely lucky to have met a guy like you. No woman can ask for anything better. I love you today and will love you till kingdom come.
  • There are moments in my life that I will always remember, not because they were so important, but because you were there.

Love Quotes for Her and Him

  • I love you the way a drowning man loves air, the way the driest desert welcomes drops of water.
  • Every heart sings a song, but it’s incomplete until another heart whispers back. Yours did and now we sing the same song.
  • It was love at first sight … and at every sight since and forever.
  • You quietly slipped under my skin, then you entered my blood and seized my heart.
  • What would I do without your kisses? I would surely wither away like a flower without water.
  • Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only see you …. you are my world.
  • My feelings can not be repressed any longer. I have to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

I Love You Greetings Card Images Download

  • I saw angels in the sky, I saw unicorns dancing in the meadow. I saw things you only imagine to see or do, but I still haven’t seen anything sweeter than you!
  • Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
  • I love each and every once in a lifetime moments I share with you … today, tomorrow, forever.

Love Messages for Boyfriend on Facebook

  • If a kiss could tell you how much I love you, I am sure we would be kissing forever.
  • If I know what love is, it is because of you. Please be with me and love me always.
  • It is true that my heart always skips a beat when you take my name.

I Love You Always Dad

  • Let us flip the coin and see. Head, I am yours. Tail, you are mine. So, we won’t lose.
  • Nobody has the ability to make me feel as weightless and carefree as you can.
  • Nobody will ever compare to give me the feeling of the light that you have ignited inside of me.
  • One of the greatest happiness’s in my life is making you smile.
  • One of the unique love messages- you may hold my hand for a while, dear, but you will hold my heart forever.
  • Our bond is stronger than the sun and sweeter than the birds song.
  • That night when we met, there were had a lot of people among us but I just looked at you because your beauty struck me, I am super happy to be your girlfriend because you are just not a nice guy also have a beautiful heart.

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  • When I met you I did not think you would be so nice, but as we were talking I discovered that you are a wonderful guy and that’s why I fell in love with you, you are the best thing that happened to me, I love you with all my strength.
  • By your side I am happy and successful, I feel complete, you make me feel like a queen. I like it when you hold me gently and tell me that I am the love of your life.

Romantic Good Night Messages for My Lovely Boyfriend Far Away

  • I don’t want a perfect boyfriend.
    I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves,
    Being with me more than anything.

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