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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update: Bihaan try to commit suicide!

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update: Bihaan try to commit suicide!

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mai Tere Ishq Mein plays. He remembers their instants and Thapki also realized that Bihaan can’t damage his Bau Thapki, and Ji decides to fight for the Bihaan.

But when Thapki attempts to explain the same to the Pandey family and Vasu, that Bihaan can’t harm Bau Ji, Vasu not able to control her rage and throws the Bihaan’s and Thapki’s bags. Vasu shows them doo and also cries at them. The entire, Pandey family and as well Vasu, cut all kind of the relationship with Bihaan and Thapki.

Both Bihaan and Thapki had been seen the Thapki’s sister-in-laws and weeping also scolded Thapki when she arrives in the kitchen, and the sister in laws was also seen discussing that nobody wants to eat now as everybody is stress for the Bau Ji.

They think about Dadi, that, if Dadi stops eating afterward, she’ll be going to be sought, so we have to prepare something simple for the Dadi and Khichdi was made by them. In the mean time, Thapki attempts to explain to them that Bihaan can’t harm Bau Ji, but all goes vain.

Meanwhile, Bihaan additionally attempt to commit suicide as he was unable to bear the false allegations on him, that he tries to kill Bau Ji and Bihaan recall the memories, he’d with the Bau Ji. Shraddha also humiliated repeatedly, alleged him as the murderer of the Bau Ji and Bihaan.

Happily, Thapki saves and come to Bihaan when Bihaan tries to commit suicide. Now when he was asked by Thapki what he was doing? Bihaan answered he should expire, and he needs to die as he can’t bear the hate of the Maa and he can’t tolerate the false claims on him, that he attempts to kill Bau Ji.

He is someone else. Thus, you can’t do this and Thapki discuss it with Vasu although Vasu is in no disposition to believe so.

Thapki asked Vasu that I understand, Bihaan did not attack Bau Ji, and soon, that will be proven by me. Vasu looked with rage on the Bihaan and Thapki.

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