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Udaan Written Episode 19th January 2016

Udaan Written Episode 19th January 2016

The Episode begins with everyone attempting to blow off the fire. She sees Sultan and recalls the words of Ishwar. Sultan is said by her, we have to find that killer joker, break this door, we must go out. She gets on Sultan. The door is kicked by Sultan. Everyone look on, as Sultan breaks the door, and brings Chakor out. They all get shocked seeing Chakor and Sultan. Chakor grins seeing them. Khasta stresses.

Where are they going Bhaiya ji asks Manohar and Ranjana, another conclusion needs to be taken now. He says Vivaan and Imli don’t have courage to make bandhua kids run away, someone older is here who has helped them. Manohar thinks Ranjana helped them. Why did you do this Manohar Bhaiya ji says same man who considered after helping Vivaan, he is not going to be caught.

He inquires Manohar did he forget all this in his son’s love. He gets mad and beats Manohar. Tejaswini and Suraj grin. Bhaiya ji says you could not become a good father, brother and a husband, you are taking decision when I m here.

He says whatever I gave obligations to Manohar, from now Suraj will be managing all duties. Manohar weeps. Ranjana believes Bhaiya ji said Manohar is not useful, the person who has power is useful.

Om embraces says I was confident you’ll come and Chakor. Khasta says thank God you’re save and embraces Chakor. He acts sweet. Chakor says I missed you, you would have saved me. He says yes. They all ask where was she. They get shocked. Megha says we didn’t know this. Khanna says yes, its there, we did not see it. Megha says it means killer has taken others and Peter there, and killed them. She says thank Lord, Chakor came back and is good. Chakor wipes her tears and asks her not to weep. Megha embraces her.

Imli keeps running. Ram Singh follows her. She gets tired and stops. She says leave me, I m tired. Why did she do huge blunder, he asks, Suraj told me not to let you stop, begin running. Ranjana comes to Bhaiya ji and says you should be granted prize for helping individuals, and see what did you get, this sores. He says Manohar did not do right, I hope he got sense. She says yes Manohar should understand by the wounds, I shall apply medicine to your hand. He says its good, no. She applies ointment and holds his hand.

She sits close and assures him that Vivaan WOn’t become like Manohar, she needs to make him like Bhaiya ji. She says Vivaan must be around you to become like you, give him and me one opportunity. She blows on his hand wound.

Ronnie asks Chakor did she get saved. Chakor says Sultan saved me. Chakor says he was wearing mask and joker clothes, I could not see his face, he’s very intelligent. Khanna asks her what else did she see. Khasta says this isn’t enquiry time, Chakor is hurt and not full. Megha says we should call doctor. Chakor says Sultan will save me again. They all grin. Will you save me she caresses Sultan and asks. Sultan nods.

Ranjana asks Vivaan to come out. Vivaan says no, its great I m being penalized. She insists and requests him to come out. She embraces Vivaan. Ram Singh locks the room. Vivaan says those children are my pals. She says you know I really like you, I convinced Bhaiya ji to leave you, don’t do anything and stops him. He says you saw how I was slapped by Suraj, anything can happen here. She says no Vivaan, now nothing will happen, we will have power everything will be fine. What is asked by him. She says I ‘ll let you know everything when appropriate time comes.

Its night, Khasta requests Chakor to sleep. Sultan neighs seeing Khasta. Why is he fidgety Chakor asks Sultan. Chakor of the killer frightens. Chakor says Ronnie and Khanna are here to guard me. Ronnie requests Khasta not to worry. Khasta asks her to rest now. Ronnie goes and heard some sound. Khasta requests Chakor about the killer. He says perhaps killer does not want to kill you as you’re little. Chakor sleeps. Ronnie gone and presumes who’ll save Chakor is seen by Khasta.

Precap: Ranjana tells her dad Girdharilal that in childhood, her father used to get new plaything for her. He asks is there no difference for you in toy and husband. She says there is not any difference. He asks do you want to get him killed. She grins. Khasta looks at Chakor.