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Use The Power PR On Instagram To Increase Your Social Media Followers

Whether it is for business promotion or for personal pleasure, social media happens to be the most effective and powerful medium to reach out to thousands of people in an instant. Now, you may be wondering whether it is worth dedicating the time and effort to use Instagram to your social media account and will it increase the number of followers in your account. Though such apprehension is logical, there is no need to worry about it either. If you can use properly and incorporate the power of public relation of Instagram you will have an increased number of followers for sure.

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According to the report of it is said that:

  • Instagram can get 4.21 percent engagement per post as compared to 0.07 percent for Facebook and other social media channels.
  • It is also said to be the fastest growing platform when all other larger social media platforms are taken into consideration.

The primary reason for its immense and unrivaled popularity among the netizens is that a picture used in Instagram has always been better and more powerful than a thousand words.

You will be able to deliver a good story almost exclusively with carefully used and placed pictures and videos that will be loved by anyone and everyone who uses the social media platforms. However, you may face a problem if you are using it for your business purposes because Instagram continues to restrict access to any paid advertising on their site.

In spite of this issue, even several businesses of all types and forms now use Instagram to help build and promote their business through Instagram simply using its unique PR power and a strong strategy.

Tips and tricks to follow

Instagram helps busineses as well as individuals to targetthe right influencers along with a few other tricks techniques and as a result have a large number of Instagram followers. If you are not using it till now you are surely missing out on the inherited benefits that Instagram provides. Know and use these following tricks to increase the number of Instagram followersto your account.


You must know about these and may have used it as well frequently but you may not know that a few other things about hastags. These facts are:

  • IG will allow about 30 per post of these hastags.
  • You can even delete these from your post and put in new ones immediately one time only.
  • If you want to refresh your post further you are allowed to put new hashtags in several days later.

Pro tip: Do not use all 30 however but stick to using about 3 to 5 hashtags at the most each time.

Now the question is which hashtags should you use for your post to be liked and followed by several Instagram followers?

There are several ways in which you can do this and get the best results. The most effective and useful way for the beginners is to go to the explore page and find those hashtags that get the most action and use them.

However, there is a catch. If you want to make the most out of it and also make sure that the ones that you use have a solid relation to your picture or business you should not use those hashtags that are close to the top of the list of popularity. this is because these popular hashtags are used so extensively that it will make your picture goto cycle out of view especially for those Instagram followers who are searching for the best ones within only a couple of seconds.

Using most extensively used hashtags will inevitably shift your photo down to maybe number 200 or so within that short time. Therefore, it is prudent and more effective to use hashtags that are slightly less popular in search results probably those in the low millions. This will ensure that your post stays in the frame for a longer period of time and yet get you a lot of views.


Use the best IG theme to make sure that it ties your brand easily and makes your photo stand out from the rest. However, when you consider the theme you must also consider these facts:

  • Consider the eight pictures that will precede the one you may want to add. Remember that in most cases viewers usually see nine pictures at a time on Instagram screen. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the pictures you add are both stunning and attentiongrabbing in own right.
  • You must also consider and form an equally stunning grouping as that will help a lot in promoting your theme.This will help you to crop all your photos in the same way.
  • Also use the same filters or other ideas that may imply commonality.

Therefore, care for the photos that you use as well as the arrangement and color to use so that each picture works its way gradually through the posts.

Quality of photo used

Most importantly, if you want the best results using Instagram to your social media account it goes without saying that you will need to use high quality photos for your posts.

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If you intend to use pictures that you may have taken using your cell phone camera then you must know that these cameras usually take pictures in only two quality levels. Moreover, most people use selfies in Instagram as this common and popular version allows the person to see themselves as they take the picture.

However, these pictures will have a regular resolution. When you use the lens facing outward you will get deeper resolution having fewer grains in it. The photo will translate better on Instagram.

You may have to practice a little more and give it a few more tries to master the art and get the perfect shot. As this is all digital and will not cost you a penny extra to take extra photos, there is no reason why you should not try this process out for your benefit and for getting more Instagram followers.

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Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Social Media. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. He can help you to get more Instagram followers to increase the revenues of your business.

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