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Colors TV: Written Episode Update of Kasam 27th April 2016

Colors TV: Written Episode Update of Kasam 27th April 2016

Colors TV: Written Episode Update of Kasam 27th April 2016

Rishi removes her hair off her face and comes to Tannu’s room seeing her slumber under the buff. He promises not to let anyone says I love you, get close to her, and hurt her. Ahna gets to sleep again.

Tannu serves breakfast, the next morning. Raaj requests her to join them, Bee Jee asks Tannu why she is viewing Bani. Bani asks her to join them. UV leaves her his seat, Rano gives her a plate. Manpreet leaves his chair for Rishi who joins them, he asks Tanvi about passing him everything on table. He requests Raaj to bless him their couple consistently stays happy together.

He is blessed by Raaj. Tannu’s hand is held by Rishi. He asks Tannu and ketchup bottle to pass. She takes her hand off his, he suggests her about thanking him. Everyone eyes them, he asks her to get him juice.

Rano believes she already understood there is something between them; Bani was stressed for Neha being cut and heads to inform them about Tannu’s betrothal. Raaj joins her, Rano sends him to the bathroom and gets him juice. Tannu eyed Rishi, worried about him as he poses to be dizzy and fell over her. UV laughs and tells Manpreet a drama is being done by him simply. In the washroom, Rishi and cough struggle while he is helped by Neha. He poses to puke over Neha; she gives him means. After some time, Rishi sends Neha to tell everyone she saved his life and got well. Neha was excited and goes outside.

Rishi holds Tannu’s hand and asks why she came forward when he was about to puke. Tannu inquires if he is insane, she was about to expire. Rishi gets her by her words. He asks who he’s to her. He warns her Pavan is’t good for her, and Neha comes to take him outside. He requests her with his eye movements.

Neha brings outside Rishi. Bee Jim promises to feed him bread in ripped pieces; it won’t stuck his throat afterward. When they may be done with Rishi Bani says, she now announces Pavan and Tannu ’s engagement today. She sends them to all get ready. Rano eyes them thinking there’s something between them. Bani informs Bee ji its great, both will get married together. Rishi excuses himself and leaves the table.

Rano inquires if she enjoys Pavan and is happy, and observes Tannu unhappy. Tannu says yes she is, Bani smiles victoriously. Bee ji wonders why Neha isn’t nervous then.

The boys wonder the way to stop this betrothal. Bee ji comes asking this betrothal to discontinue. Bee ji was frightened of Rano. She asks from becoming engaged to that Pavan Tannu to be saved by Rishi. Rishi takes Manpreet along and kisses her forehead.

Rishi comes to Tannu in the kitchen, asking for his tillak request he is going for war. She inquires if he’s good. He says he’s going to make things safe, and save her.

Tannu wonders who is he talking about. Manpreet was in the hall; Bani calls Guljeet. Manpreet keeps an eye on her, Bani and Ahna both feel his eyes on Bani. Bani asks Guljeet to lose Shagun’s thaal to Pavan’s family. Manpreet texts Rishi, Rishi requests him to take the thaal that he is going there and would drop the thaal. If he’s a guy’s kid Manpreet evokes? Guljeet boasts, Rishi watches Manpreet takes the Shagun Thaal.

PRECAP: Rishi is stopped by Tannu, Rishi smiles himself and asks Manpreet to say bye to her.