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Written Episode Update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2016

Written Episode Update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2016

The Episode starts with Nanny becoming irritated with his shout and feeding Rohit. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla requests her to get lost. She gives and weeps Rohit to Neelu. Ishita weeps and gets shocked.

Sarika inquires did anyone come to meet with her. She misses and weeps Romi. Suraj requests Ashok not to do anything. Ashok smiles thinking about Romi and Mihika. Mihika is going practice and Romi helps her being her buddy. Their pics are taken by someone. Mihika is treated by physician. Santa banta joke to redirect her thoughts is told by Romi. Their pics click. Romi says I blindfolds her and have surprise for you.

So they both are here having golgappas Mihir comes there and says amazing, I’ll find them. Mihika says Romi have surprise to me. Mihir says I ‘ll win in golgappa contest.

Mihika expects Ishita understands Romi’s life and Rohit’s mom becomes cheerful. Ishita asks about supervisor and goes to orphanage. The woman says supervisor is active, you come, why did you come and inquire. Ishita asks for his private amount, I presume I am being avoided by supervisor, you’re not listening to me, I shall not go till he come. The woman says its time to close office, good, wait outside.

Ishita says I ‘ll wait here, where will supervisor go, he remains here. She says she came to orphanage to meet supervisor and gets Raman’s call, he’s avoiding me. She endings phone and says good. Someone throws a rock at her automobile and looks at her. She throws that rock and gets a word. She reads someone requesting her to quit locating the parents of Rohit, and not come in this orphanage.

She believes who’ll wish this that I do not locate whats concealed from me, Rohit’s parents, who are they, she looks around. She yells who’s here… she leaves. She comes home and reveals Raman note. Will anyone want thus, she says. He says forget this, perhaps father and his mum aren’t wed, we shouldn’t squander time, we can not lose Rohit, Romi adores him a lot. She says I feel we have to sort this out shortly, we must do something of Romi. He says he is going to be good. She says I believe there’s one manner.

Romi comes home and is happy that the mood of Mihika got good. Romi and Rohit shouts stops. Romi takes him and embraces him. Ishita and Raman find this and grin. Romi says Rohit was weeping and sees them. Ishita says we didn’t inquire. Romi says I do not have time. Romi says he will be left by me at any day care. She says good. Raman inquires do you believe this strategy will work. Ishita and Raman leave.

Neelu gives Raman society papers. Adi says vacations got dull. Raman says after I come back from office, we will intend. Adi tells Raman that his friend wants his sleeping bags and gets a call, there’s nothing exciting. Raman believes to ask his buddy concerning this. He says the sleeping bags will be given by me, I m going like that. He leaves.

Bala tells Suraj trapped me and Khosla that I understand you, but Suraj will play same game alongside you.

Bala says Vandu said I should never have trusted Khosla, I wish I was careful. Suraj says you were blind spending it and seeing so much cash, do not blame us for your error. Bala says you believe I throws 1 crore cheque, and can not refund loan. He asks for the documents of his house back. Suraj says this is principal amount, where’s the interest and sees the cheque. Interest is asked by Bala?

The conditions are read by Bala. Suraj says read attentively, its written that if you do not pay the sum, you’ll pay 20 times interest daily. Bala stresses and gets shocked. Suraj says take your house papers and get 3 crores rs. Bala leaves, and believes will I get 3 crores.

Precap: Sarika tells Mr. Bhalla that she will not leave, she’s his bahu, she’s Romi’s wife, Ishita understands the rules, that a bahu can get family detained if she desires. Bhallas look on.

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