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5 Life-Changing Essentials You Need

Material goods aren’t everything, but that doesn’t mean you should drop what you’re doing to Marie-Kondo your way through the valuables in your apartment. 

In fact, the right life-changing essentials might just change your life.

These five must-have life-changing essentials are sure to enhance your day-to-day in some way or another—easier, more comfortable, more convenient, or all of the above. 

#1: Pressure Cooker

Eating is a basic human necessity, but that doesn’t automatically make us all three-star Michelin chefs. Still, we need to find a way to get food from the fridge to our stomachs in as appetizing of a way as possible. 

If you have high expectations but low cooking aptitude, you need to equip yourself with the right weapons—and by this, we mean kitchen essentials. For starters, an Instant Pot pressure cooker is the perfect gift to give yourself (and boy, does it keep on giving):

  • Nine-in-one appliances, including a slow cooker, sous vide, rice cooker, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and more
  • Spend less time cooking—up to 70% less, to be specific
  • Plenty of customizable cooking options, from time to temperature to pressure level, and the option to save your settings for easy access

#2: Bluetooth Earbuds

Before you jump to conclusions, no, they do not have to be Airpods. If you’re a staunch anti-bandwagoner, that’s totally okay, too.

Our personal recommendation is a set of Bose SoundSport wireless headphones. Unlike AirPods, they still connect to each other and the back of your shirt with a small clip, making them difficult to lose, but they provide unencumbered freedom from your phone or computer. 

Impromptu dance party, anyone? No excuses now!

#3: Decked Out Linen Sets

Bedroom set up
Image by Stuart Bailey from Pixabay

Good sleep relies on a quality bedroom setup. That includes everything from a soft but supportive mattress to a temperature-controlled environment, and of course, a few must-have add-ons:

  • Silk pillowcases – Do your skin and hair a favor by investing in luxurious silk pillowcases. They reduce friction for zero bedhead and minimal skin pulling while providing a cleaner sleeping surface that doesn’t soak up your facial moisturizer.
  • Bamboo sheets – Slip into something more comfortable and slip under these to-die-for bamboo sheets. They’re surprisingly soft and lightweight, perfect for every season.
  • Weighted blanket – Enjoy the warm embrace of a soft weighted blanket even while you’re alone in your room at night. 

#4: Convenient Charging Accessories

Phone charging
Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

The average person spends 7.8 minutes each day frustrated that they can’t reach their cellphone to use it while it’s charging. That statistic is completely made up, but the need for a ten-foot charging cable certainly isn’t. 

On top of that, take a look through these essential tech accessories:

  • A two-birds-with-one-stone adapter cable to both charge your phone and blast your tunes during a road trip
  • A substantial portable charger that can completely recharge your battery at least twice over for camping trips, music festivals, and beach days
  • A wireless charging pad for a more convenient way to bring your phone back to life after a long day

#5: Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

School books
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Of course, this is perfect for any avid reader. Still, it’s a game-changer for the average Joe or Jill, too—especially if Joe or Jill is a current University student with about a hundred (okay, maybe four or five) massive textbooks they loathe lugging around. 

Convenience is everything these days. You might just discover that the real barrier holding you back from reading is actually the high-price of paper books, the burden of carrying them around, and the annoyance of never having the exact book you want at the exact moment you want to read it. 

With a Kindle E-reader, all that can change in the blink of an eye (or the click of a “Purchase Book” button). The Paperwhite version is their best release yet, with a screen that may as well be real paper (if you’re of the mindset that there’s any real equivalent to a paperback novel from a brick and mortar indie bookstore).

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

Life can be tough. There’s no good reason to make it any harder than it already is. 

When you find something that can simplify your day-to-day, alleviate some minor burden, or give you even an hour of your much-needed time back, you hold onto it and never let go. 

These five life-changing essentials are a great place to start.

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