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April Fools Pranks at College for Middle School 2016

April Fools Pranks at College for Middle School 2016:

April Fools day is the day when all the individuals irrespective of their age or sex would find some reason to make fun with their colleagues, staff and even their elders. So, here we have gathered some cool April Fools Pranks especially for middle school but could be used by all others.

April Fools Pranks at College for Middle School 2016

  1. “I poured their cereal with milk the night before and put a spoon in it, then popped it in the freezer overnight. Took it out the next morning and they couldn’t get their spoons out. Very funny. Also, one year I replaced the raspberry jelly in their doughnuts with ketchup. That didn’t go over as well!”
  2. “One year I froze glasses of orange juice with a straw in them and then in the morning I poured a touch of fresh OJ on top. My kids couldn’t figure out why their juice wouldn’t come out!!”
april fools pranks for middle school
april fools pranks for middle school
  1. “I served whipped cream, spread on a plate, topped with an apricot half. Voila! A “fried egg”. My skeptical daughter didn’t eat it until she figured it out, but my son and husband really enjoyed the prank. Tasty, too!”
  2. You’ll probably need a bit of help from a friend in the same class as you and your victim for this middle school prank idea to work. Just casually ask your victim if he or she is prepared for the test later today in the same class that both of you go to. If your victim doesn’t believe you, give your best incredulous face and then confirm it with your friend that there is a test later in the day. Enjoy as your victim freaks out.
  3. “I recorded a weather report earlier in the winter that showed a snow storm headed our way and the school closing a were scrolling across the bottom. When the kids woke up, I immediately took them to the television so they didn’t get a chance to look outside. It was 70 degrees outside.”
  4. Make a scene in geology class with ‘bloodied’ foam rocks. Buy some foam rocks from a novelty store. Get some red food coloring from a store and mix it up with some water, then store it in a tiny pack or bottle that you can carry. On the day of the prank, dip the foam rock in ‘blood’, then toss it at your victim. Be sure to aim for your victim’s head. Imagine the panic that will ensue when everyone thinks your victim is injured.
  5. “I swapped their lunches with play food……then dropped their real ones off at the office. The school was thrilled to play along.”
  6. “I made the kids a ham and cheese sandwich and left the wrapper on the cheese. I never laughed so hard watching them try to bite through their sandwiches.”

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