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Best Video Game Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now!

In 2019, the gaming industry generated over $120 billion in revenue. More than half of which is from mobile games ($64.4 billion), while PC earned $29.6 billion and consoles with $15.4 billion. You see, the video game industry is a profitable business. If you’re a game developer, you must step up and market your video game. Otherwise, you’re losing in this money market.

This is why big video game developers are paying millions on advertising. But what if you don’t have the resources? We have listed some video game marketing strategies to help you promote your game, even without a big budget. 

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Mobile Games Marketing Strategies

Did you launch a new game, want to revive an existing game, or just looking for more players? There are several other effective strategies you can use aside from hiring a celebrity or creating TV ads. Check this out and find what’s best for you.

Blog about your game 

Create a unique landing page for your game. Here, you can blog about what makes your game so distinct and interesting. Blogging is one of the most beneficial and reliable long-term investments. 

You can show-and-tell about your game. Discuss how to play your game, its features, tips, and tricks, among others. You can increase traffic to your website by using SEO and engage with visitors who can ask questions about your game. This makes your website as an extension of customer support for gamers.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to place a download button or links to the game’s page on Play Store or redirect visitors on your Web page to Play Store. If you got the gamer’s attention with your blog, they are most likely to install your game.

Make a video teaser for your game

Filming the game
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Most mobile gamers are not interested in reading about how to play your game or how interesting it is. Instead, you can convince thousands of mobile device users to download and play your game by making a short teaser.

Your video should showcase the most exciting parts of your game and what makes it interesting. You can create a movie trailer-like video. Keep it short, simple, and very engaging.

Also, you must create a YouTube channel for your game where you would upload the teaser and future videos. Then, put the YouTube channel link on your game’s description page on Play Store as well as your game’s landing page. This allows visitors to watch the video and entice them to download. You can also share your game’s video on other video platforms with your game’s Play Store link.

Use mobile games promotion platforms

A game developer is not always a marketing expert. Thus, you may tap a game marketing expert to showcase your game appropriately and give it all the exposure it needs.

While you focus on designing the user interface for your game, mobile games promotion platforms can help you target the right audience for it. These platforms often provide low cost-per-impression (CPI) for mobile games ads.

Some games promotion platforms can even boost your game’s ranking on Play Store. They have registered users who would download, install, and play your games. This would give organic traffic, long installs, and engagement to help your game rank higher on Play Store.

Use App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is one of the best methods of marketing and promoting your mobile game. This involves various strategies to boost your game’s visibility and ranking on Google Play.

With proper ASO tactics, your game will greatly gain from it. Aside from visibility, you’ll drive traffic to your game’s website and entice visitors to download your game. 

You will have to pay attention to some segments or the key algorithms that Google considers in games visibility and ranking on Play Store. These include the game’s description, ratings and reviews, number of downloads, and user experience (long installs, uninstalls, and engagement).

You may start by researching the keywords that best describe your game. Search for your game on the Play Store using various keywords. Then, analyze the keywords of the games of the top search results to get an idea of the best keywords for your game.

Use the keywords tactically. Make sure to use the keywords in your game’s description about five or six times for emphasis.

Also, you must design a visually friendly icon for your video game. This may make the difference between a game downloaded often and the one that is not. You may also upload screenshots of your game from a mobile phone to your game’s Play Store page.

Use Social Media

Social media
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

With the popularity of social media worldwide, millions of people use it to connect with friends, loved ones, and even strangers. More so, many people use social media for entertainment and gaming. This is why you must utilize social media to promote your game.

First, you should create a Facebook page for your video game, using its icon as a profile picture. Also, the cover photo of the page is a crystal clear picture of your game.

You can promote the page itself or boost some of your posts to reach thousands of people. This is why the ads of LoL Pro constantly appears in different social media network. This excites the users to try it themselves—the greater the range of audience, the higher the possibility of clicks and downloads.

Meanwhile, you can create an account for your game on other networks like Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Snapchat, YouTube, among others. After some time, you may choose the best social network where your game’s target audience is spending more time.

Maximize your game’s reviews

Several gaming websites focus on providing mobile game reviews. This drives mobile gamers to visit such sites to learn more about new and trending mobile games. You should submit your game to these websites for reviews.

Regardless of the review your game gets, it will certainly enjoy the spotlight. To maximize exposure, you can then submit your game to as many review sites.

Getting positive reviews and ratings boosts your game’s ranking and visibility on Play Store. This translates to higher traffic and more downloads. Fortnite download enjoys great reviews, so more and more gamers want to try it out. If you get more reviews, then more people will get curious about your game.

Meanwhile, some game players will leave feedback about their experience when playing your game. Pay attention to each comment and reply as soon as possible. Checking on feedback may improve your game to be more interesting. Discuss it with your team and implement it if possible.


Promoting a game cannot be done overnight. It requires time, patience, and effort. Developers have virtually spent thousands of dollars to promote their games using all possible marketing strategies.

Try these marketing strategies and choose which one (if not all) works best for you. Make constant changes and adjust to your user’s feedback. Sooner or later, you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

We hope we have provided you with much help with ranking your game. Let us know if you still have questions by leaving a comment below.

Featured Photo by Hardik Sharma on Unsplash