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Passing Your Microsoft MS-900 Exam Using Practice Tests

Achieving Success: Is This Main Reason Why You Should Pass Your Microsoft MS-900 Exam Using Practice Tests?

Growing your career using a valid certification gives you more than an edge over your competitors. It polishes your resume/CV and rewards your skills by opening doors to new opportunities. In information technology, certification training is a testimony to your skills and commitment to career growth. At a glance, they are the critical difference between landing new opportunities and missing them. Fortunately, Microsoft realized this need and offers excellent certifications to help learners accomplish their goals. The Microsoft MS-900 exam, Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, is one of the best options for building a career in Microsoft 365. So, what should you know about this assessment and the usage of practice tests? Read On Certbolt Website Here

What Is Microsoft MS-900?

MS-900 is part of the new Microsoft certification exams and the only requirement for earning the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals badge. It evaluates the basic knowledge of Microsoft 365 services. 

Your Career Path with MS-900 Exam

As we’ve mentioned, AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification Training Course – Certbolt is the sole requirement for attaining the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification. This accreditation can be considered a precursor to cloud computing and technology credentials. It acts as a stepping stone towards many credentials in other specialties. Certifying with MS-900 opens limitless opportunities, and, unsurprisingly, it has quickly become one of the highly sought-after exams at the Fundamental level.

What Does This Exam Test?

Practice Tests
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In general, Microsoft certification assessments are updated continuously to keep pace with the evolving market needs. Here’s what the Pass The Exam With Certbolt content now entails: 

  • Describing Cloud Concepts;
  • Describing Core Microsoft 365 Services and Concepts;
  • Explain Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Trust in Microsoft 365;
  • Describing Microsoft 365 Pricing and Support.

Even with this guide, candidates are advised to maintain a flexible approach to their certification journey because the final test may also focus on other concepts outside the content outline. 

Benefits of Microsoft MS-900

The Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification is one of the most sought-after credentials at the fundamental level, and rightly so. This badge is an excellent way to boost your IT career. Considering the widespread adoption of Certbolt MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Certification Training Course in the modern business market, such a credential creates endless opportunities to accelerate your career growth. MS-900 assesses your market-driven skills to set you apart from the competition in your field and ultimately increase your earning potential.

MS-900 Test Details and Preparation Options

Registering for MS-900 costs $99, and this test lasts for 60 minutes. Currently, this test is only offered in the English and Japanese languages. When it comes to training, the vendor provides two popular exam prep options: a free online module-based path, and a paid instructor-led option. You can also choose revision books and study guides that combine lessons with review questions at the end. Lastly, you may want to consider utilizing practice tests that are effective in boosting your confidence; Read More About This Course. We recommend adopting as many training modalities as you can because the investment will ultimately pay off. 


Earning an industry-recognized badge provides a ladder to launch or advance your career. The PrepAway Practice Test Exam Questions is a popular learning path that puts you on course to achieving big things in IT. So, take up the initiative using valid practice tests and sign up for the next big thing in your career. Once you pass this test your on your way to building up your IT certifications to become a better IT resource.